Sengoku Dynasty Feudal Japan Open-world Building Survival First Look (2023)


Open the doors between your everyday reality and a dark unholy world to unveil the mystery of the disappearance of your child. Explore both worlds to find clues, solve puzzles, decide whether you infiltrate or fight brutal enemies and stand up to an aberrant establishment.

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Thank you foreign.




Everyone doing today.

All right, not a normal day made a stream, but I just got in I got a lot of stuff to do since it's, steam neck Fest.

But I just got in to invited to a play test for senguku that's all right, it's.

A Goku Dynasty, uh, the publisher is toplets Productions.

Now they did produce, uh or a publish medieval Dynasty, which I love kind of a Miss with the wild west Dynasty.

But now they have sengoku Dynasty, which is feudal Japan survival game.

So let's hop in take a look see what the game is like right, let's back up, grab some new I, don't know, just rolled away.

And it is a short notice on the stream, too, uh, a bit busy busy dentist appointment today.

And grilled some Smash Burgers, really grilled I.

Guess, but cooked up Smash Burgers, oh, we got Sun.

No music all right.


Now, I'm still planning on streaming tomorrow night.

So Saturday night, also and uh or demo day for Saturday because I got a lot of demos a lot.

This is just thrown in.

And it wasn't, even uh, didn't, even know, I would be able to play this.

Now it's gonna be a short stream tonight, too I'm.

Not gonna be playing very long.

It takes a long time to get into the game though Maybe Maybe summer.

Clients have set the country Ablaze.

They left Ordinary, People, Like, Us, starving sick dead.

So we left our Villages and headed toward the only Beacon of Hope peasant, Kingdom, Province, where commoners revolted and seized power from the samurai Journey was dangerous.

Some of us got lucky.

Some less so Japan's, a Goku period, it's me, I know, the survivors welcome to where yeah, yeah, you know, it's a play test issues can happen can I pick anything up while I'm here.

That's a torch.

Come on.

It looks like a torch.

Go get it? Six Gathering resources, such six, don't, straw bark, waiting for you in the wilderness, yep, handcrafted survive.

You must specific tools.

I, saw you, hey.

Now, what sake? Well, we definitely need instead of picked up water.

I don't, see it, but it looks like the bottom left.

We've got food is green Health red looks like stamina is yellow so I'm assuming food and water we're gonna be all the same thing all right, uh, is there a weight limit? Is there a way that a water is a placeholder icon? Oh all right.


Take a look at some of this Legend.

It would have Perks Bender, Hagler, Craftsman, efficient, Craftsman, Lumberjack, Aussie, cut down trees with fewer swings.

Okay, Warrior, skinny animals provides fur.

We got a monk places of power and shrines.

We know we gotta find peeps.

Dynasty management.

Dynasty is the best way to achieve Prosperity.

It allows you to automate some of the production make your own life easier.

But to become a great leader.

You need people to lead look for refugees, make them join your Dynasty by assigning them, a bed in one of your houses, you'll be able to assign them like a production.


So is this going to be a lot almost exactly like medieval Dynasty because I am all for it.

If it's that quality, if people Japan, you decide a job for yourself after all as a great leader.

You should give a good example, all right seasons.


It looks like villagers have needs neglect them.

Okay, it makes sense all right here.

I am all right.

Let's get go.

Well, handcraft, handcraft, this button, it's like a spear or a Yari we're gonna stick with an ax.

Okay, dirt hot bar for this or yeah, right here? Oh, so it stays in the inventory in there.

Okay, okay.

And uh, um let's see tool for clearing and cutting logs into planks.

Okay, rocks extracting or okay, Stone knife.

Let's, make a knife Aaron.

Can we make a spear? No, we need logs and a stone.

Okay, cutting trees.

Trees, provide resources hit a tree with an ax cut.

It down.

Get logs.

Japanese, Red, Pies man, I get such can I make a nope don't, put it away.


So now I got myself a spear, which I am going to put in the number one spot ax can go number two.

Well, what do we need for the pick? Should we just make pick everything just make everything I need stones? I got sticks any more stones.

We got ourselves a torch already got herself.

A knife, which I need to put my knife on, uh, uh, let's, just get everything built right.

The other people can wait keep wanting to pull up an inventory for this and I don't need to yep I need deposits.

Oh I need some sticks.


So can I chopped this down break it down into sticks.

Oh, nothing with the bushes use the shovel to get a log or an ax to get sticks.

Accidents, like give me sticks.


Thank you.

All right now.

What was I trying to build I? Don't? Remember what I'm trying to build? Now? Oh, the thing for the planks.

The pickaxe is here, the blanks figure we're probably gonna need for hot building the house right? I'd, see, I, pronounce, I, don't know, the simple carpentry tool that allows you to turn freshly felled logs into planks and bark after the first hit log will become unusable for building or crafting.

Oh, okay.


We'll have to test that bad.

Boy out five since there is no weight limit.

Let's, just at least I, didn't.

Notice him grab a bunch of stones while we're here for back 's gonna give out what's gonna happen be nice if we could actually build a, oh look at that is so pretty the water.

Oh, my God, that's, beautiful, stamina.

Man, that's, pretty this game is beautiful so far get this out.

Not sure, okay, we can still picks up with the spear I like the animation, too.

It'd be nice better.

If we could pick it up with the other hand since we keep the spear in one, but talk to Echo Aku Echo, not looking very good.

Oh didn't work.


You you're, live.

Yes, I.

When the ship went down, oh, gods.


Move you're.

Hurt I'll, be right.

I, just I'm, cold, Sarah, I'll, find a way to help campfire for starters.

Then maybe a tent to protect you from the wind, a campfire for starters.

Then maybe a tent.


I already said, okay, I'll need tools to set it up I'll be back in a moment.

You are I have Stones.

You want me to gather them again, got 35 of them.

Uh, yeah, they're sticks.

Now, the torch into berries bamboo bottle.

Okay, cut down a tree, collect a log grab that stick us foreign just destroying them I.

Think it sticks from that, too I, just destroying the names of these looks like we got deer.

We can hunt, oh, my big Tuffy, wineberry.

Bush, all right handcrafted a hammer that I don't have.

Okay, put that away building basics all right? Uh, hammer, uh, we'll, put there deliver resources? Okay, yes.

Use Hammer to build a campfire.

Demolish simple structures, buildings, Village structures, Furniture decorations simple structures on fire, build a tent.


Simple meant, oh, what am I short on grass, maybe sticks.

Okay, okay.

So this is a grass that I I don't have a comma I.

Just use my hands.

You know, are you feeling better? You didn't even move.

So I guess it's.

Just the presence of the tent is good enough.

Thank you.

I'm gonna be all right? Add some fresh fish here.

Let me cook it for us.

What do we do? Now we had supplies on the ship here we have nothing.

We move on.

We don't move on.

We can spend our whole lives running away.

Look around there's, fertile land, tall trees, fresh water, I don't, see any soldiers guarding them from ordinary folk play, The Legend of the peasant, Kingdom, I, don't intend to stop.

Now you've just increased your Dynasty Legend level.

It is a measure of your Dynasty's, Prestige and respect in NADA Valley level.

It up by completing the most important quest in constructing special projects.

We could build like that bridge because that's actually kind of cool.

Looking Dynasty.

Legend is the limit of villagers.

You can manage at the same time.

There are also a lot of Technologies recipes that are locked at the higher.

Your level gets awesome to the nearest Village.

It doesn't look like there's, any weight limit, it's like I'm, starting to get a little bit.

Man, I am getting such medieval Dynasty Vibes with this I am 100 happy with it.

So far I could see there's a few few things like the rocks and stuff they're gonna work on a little bit.

But it is just a play test.

So I don't expect.

A lot Carl is this the peasant Kingdom are they really calling us that so it's, not sure it's, no I like the sound of it as in Kingdom and I think we deserve it I haven't, heard any other Providence that would shake off the Lords.

Oh, my God have you ever owned little? What are you fishing? We have to see what the town looks like foreign looking for shelter.

You won't find it here try further in the village or what's left of it.

Hey, I'll, be pleased with any roof over my head.

Look I, don't know, you might be a bandit for all I know, well, what's your profession a bit segue right? I preserve the sanctity of the valley and keep spiritual pollution at Bay area animal carcasses, remove large Boulders.

You name it a lot of Dirty Work.

Some call my lot impure I, take pride in it.

Oh gotta go foreign demolish this with an X lionberry all right, wait can I eat.

This let's see if I can eat this wineberry, I, don't, really do anything for my health at all try another.

One I find one over here, bunny I, don't know, if that's raising anything up, oh, it is just a light a little tiny bit.


Some people zero is that a Gallows behind you.

Yes, of course, you can pay your respects, not sure who was hanged here.

Oh, you must be a visitor from far away.

Welcome the exact place for famous and sheer drew his Last Breath by the order, the accursed shebayama.

What is he famous for? He was the bravest man in Japan inspired.

And he an alliance that revolted with Shiba Yama liberated the Providence shibayama used to be.

Oh, my God I could just be like completely ignorant on this guy because I could ask every time he says a word, what is that? What is that he used to be sugarbodai? He administered his lands Lord.

But the war between Clans broke out.

He took advantage of the Troy and grabbed power for himself.

Rebellion Rebellion, look like Bridges, I, don't, I, don't really know how to pronounce that called on us unite and in a key.

And we went Shugo, dono's mansion and demanded abolition of debt, Richard, shivayama, Dono, uh, right in the face it's smoke, went out his ears.

So bad about him, holy support him at first, hoping he'd be better for us than the pitiful excuse of a lord.

But he was not.

He taxed us to death.

People got angry and sick knew something had to be done or else.

We all die.

You succeed.

Now at first virtuous, and here here was hanged and sosoki was burned to the ground crooked shibayama hope.

This would be the end of it, but it only made us angrier.

Not long afterwards, duplicitous shabayama sent out his troops to fight a clan war use the opportunity.

And soon we danced over his bloody Corps.

Wait do I need to ask if you died, if you just said that, uh, I'll ask anyway, he committed, uh, typical in his matching, oh it's already burning see, the Reigns of the Mansion if you travel further into the valley.

And if you want a taste of real Freedom come to our camp out in the seaside Cliffs what's, it called dremura, of course, good conversation.

Okay, we got an exclamation point, and we got somebody with I, don't know, what icon that is it's a Yuri South, Miles I'll.

Never forget.

Did the key Rebellion change people's lives for the better I thought.

It was going to be the same questioning, not sure you have a new set of problems.

Now see that man there jeer, one of the bandits they want to claim Andrew's Legacy and I'm afraid they have bigger plans is he a denture abandoned? No, he used his head before he drew a sword.

You know how to talk to people Robbie's, innocent Merchants, blocking trade routes and looting, warehouses, surely wasn't part of his legacy.

What did he fight for or Community? He wanted people to work together despite our differences, but instead everyone's pulling their own strings.

And a valet falls into disregard her, not what you expect from a legendary peasant, Kingdom, eh, I'm.

Sorry, one thing for sure couldn't really use, uh, we could really use someone like Azure right now.

Our friend almost died in the Shipwreck.

You have to help us settle here.

All right that was you saw how you cared for your friend it's, really touching I must say, I may have misjudged you at first glance, I, don't, remember seeing you before I'm glad to welcome you here, if we're up to me, but it isn't new settlers need permission from The, Village, Council, I mean, there's a council in charge of these here ruins, of course, not.

But the villagers is formerly still here.


So, but you know, there might be on to something villager is formally still here, but there's no council to keep us out.

I mean, you're walking a fine line here, but I guess, no harm will come to, uh from it to the rest of the valley, the Abbott and the temple could have some Egyptian.

But you know, your plans is so wild it could just work where do I start.

Well, the bell tower is in Ruins and the Heart of the village without it.

This place is just a burnt a piece of burnt out land if I can rebuild it.

It could be difficult.

But luckily, for you fallen Old Bell in the ruins meant to sell it, but it's too heavy to carry and give it to you, but first I need to see that you can actually manage all woodwork.

Bell Tower should look nice.

Just make sure you have the proper anzi make the planks smooth tired, I'm gonna eat some berries it's gonna be hard work here.



So we need a bell tower.

We need to cut 20 law or cut logs into 20 planks.


So, uh, do I know where I'm building this was that this thing here, sweet all right all right? So I'm gonna grab our ax back out I do have some logs.

This is get just for planks.

Okay? Where do we have that is it under five? Okay? Okay.

This is not gonna take as long as I thought, oh right on my head can I throw out these then hold T to drop bark also foreign.

But I guess can't do much better with primitive tools.

El Tara is built to use unique unique alarm, Bell very important structure in The, Brady surround them, designates your village, the Bell Tower, build bell towers away from bandits in neutral, Villages close to any resource mother loads.

And you can use that structure to fast traveling Towers.

You have built or encountered.

Most importantly, you can use it to progress the game by ending.

The current session started, wait, wait so I, can't multiples.

You can use that structure to fast travel between Towers.

You have built so I can set up Towers throughout the land, build the bell tower.

Now am I just building over this Village can I do that can I build that same spot I, don't know, like defensive structures barriers to walls.

Okay? Nothing there decorations friendship, buildings, Village structures.

We've got lighting.

Okay, it's a gate.

Wells, Bell, Tower, can't, put it where it was, but we have a road it's right over here.

Right here.

Perfect spot foreign.

Does it tell me actually see what I'm shy on? Oh any logs.


So I just need logs.

I should have kept the two on me.

Oh, my ax bro, definitely gonna need something better let's go back into two slot.

No I, gotta put it back on.



Sucker built.

I can move it? Well, I like that tower has been rebuilt it's time to build a house after all that time I spent escaping after I, see my own houses burned down by the Lord Warriors I, just wonder what it's like what it's what it will feel like your house burned I can relate it out of the memories and I kept returning to him too long.


The news building, the new is more important than clinging to the old if you need the material feel free to take part Bruins here.

Okay to build the house like nope.


This doesn't really look like there's, any pathways.

Okay, just want to see what we got here.

Gotta Have, Prime, pickings for myself.

Look at this I have this for your backyard.

Oh there's iron in here.

Oh that's.

Awesome foreign, let's, Harvest this.

And then we'll look fill their house.


Try this, but darkness comes handcraft, a simple torch or use a hammer.

Okay? Well, I, don't know, if a torch is going to do very well here the rain Okay.

So all these bushes here, though, yeah, do I want to go build over these perhaps it's, Anthony curb.


So build a foundation.

Billet structures, buildings production, storage, building housing buildings, oh, wait we're.

Here, simple house church has a home for one person.

Buildings are the backbone of the village serving as houses workplaces or storage spaces or construction processes, divided into stages.

Each stage must be completed before the next one.

Okay, yeah.

So just like evil.

Dynasty, wait.

This is is this going to be his house or mine? Oh, no, we're gonna build it here, though Maybe, uh.

So plants are blocking it.

Uh, I work.

I need logs.

All right? Should we see if a torch actually works in the rain? It does I guess we could just chop down more of these houses, right? It's gonna be dark stamina.

Terrible ax is about ready to go, uh, well, I mean, we'll try to chop I think it's gonna break in a hit or two a hit, uh, uh, X.

My inventory is getting full, though, uh, there's ax.

What is that a burnt tree? I don't want a burnt tree? There we go.

This is for your house.

This is going to be our house, I definitely need more three more logs of it I can't, tell so dark all right fill the floor.

Okay, build some walls.

Oh no.

Well, my house is facing this way.

Oh, well, I don't think I have enough foreign.

Oh, I can modify it e to modify? Well, you could change the help with the f is change.

Oh, what am I? Shy, oh, wait that's.

What Conifer not sure I need three entrances in this place.

It is pretty damn.



Am out of place do I have any firewood all right coming together? Okay? Well, that's falling.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to have a campfire if I want to do that it's gonna eat a whole bunch of berries if I can it's good enough for now or throw the logs closer to my place because it's so full, nope, it's, five, isn't.



Come up.

Eat it I'm out right? There we go.

Oh, this thing's, not gonna make it I need I need a look, um, foreign.

I wonder, how often these trees respawn or is there, oh there's.

Not much of this thing in there I just wonder if there's something inside in the game where we can troll and control how uh often everything responds or something ax break already.

Yeah, yeah.

Thank you.

Oh I.

Hadn't filmed it yet that's, right? Oh, there's foreign any type of planks any type of logs, six sticks, 45 Stone so it's, a whole roof at once.

It is new.

Crafty Mastery level reached okay.

We'll have to look at that.

Oh, what do I need straw brass? Where does one find straw? Uh, let's get our worked out.

It's gonna be sticks.

Okay? That was cool.

I wasn't expecting that I had a at least try to get in well.

It might fall on you actually, um.

How does one get straw feathers? Lincoln berries grass long leaves and stems of green plants can be dried into straw, uh, I need something specific for that.

Foreign more spacious.

One torch, defensive, fisherman hunt, Hunter mining, Woodcutter, forager paper, maker, Brewery inhaler.

Now do we need to set something up for drying that or is it just dry on its? Oh, oh, my God grass could become straw foreign leaves and stems of green plants can be dried into straw.

How does one dry it? Hmm? What is this iron ax for testing? Why? Thank you if that other chest in here, I can look for that it'll, give me that foreign cooked fish.

Oh, God, I didn't, see him there.

Okay, I'm not see anything for straw that I can just pick up I, don't know how it's supposed to dry it? Um, oh, you tell me, I'll have my house soon I, can't believe my luck.

Well, it seems like you still have some work to do before you get here.

No, yeah, some not much.

Um, there just one yet I have another torch right? Or yeah, campfire.

Can we get something here campfire with that dry it out? Oh let's, give it a whirl can I cook out of this what's in here can I shut the door, too see a way of shutting it they're gonna stare at me.


So we can cook gobo OT snack, fish egg eat when cooking meat hold on to that.

So we can't cook any like anything to dry it out I got no place to sleep without it.


Oh, right here.


My God.

Okay, straw, uh, can I do more than one.

Yeah, how many do I need 10.? Okay, oh no gives me don't.

Forget enough.

It gives me four each every time.

Oh, no, it's, right.



I'm, absolutely wrong.

Okay, put that away I was looking at the numbers wrong.

Still need more all right.

We'll talk to you, but I'm, getting tired built the house that's.

Impressive I know in all in one night, maybe we should expand build a foraging or Woodcutter hunt.

I could show you how to do it.

But overall time to settle down.


Now, this is just the beginning I want to build a place for everyone.

A family friends, neighbors, everyone from back home.

Other Wanderers, like me, wait wait.

This might be going too far.

The people are afraid and mistrustful.

They will never accept the whole flock of vagrants settling here, I convinced you you don't think I convinced them as well won't be that easy with others.

If you were to start slow and not scare everyone with that little vision of yours, people have to get to know you first.

And the best way is to make introductions.

Okay, it's offer to help.

First person need help is AKO.

Echo I could finally offer her a place to live oak on who should I talk to tell me about the warrior, uh, Kenji, the warrior, he's, a bit.

Well, Nancy's himself a protector of the people.

Okay? Well, there's, no Samurai, but she's, a Mirai good with his weapons, but a peasant like us.

Well, respected by some hated by others, uh, Papa.

The Priestess show me zarmiko Priestess in charge of local shrines gentle woman, pray that the commie the Divine spirits turned away from us, or actually that we have turned away from her talk to her.

Maybe you can console her.

What about the impure that tomorrow is a proud Edda, an impure from Sega as all impure.

He lives between the Earthly world, and the Divine Realm does things that are spiritually, polluted like bury the dead or disposing of animal carcasses only those living close to the spirits.

Can do those things I think he's carrying their special big burden.

Right now talk to him, maybe he'll be able to take some weight off his shoulders.

All right, I gotta reach a dynasty, Legend, five before helping villagers, let's go to my house, probably gonna be daylight before I even get to sleep, right, uh and I lost where where's my home.


So let's put that out let's get in here.

Let's take a look Legend.

It said, I leveled up, right? Village.

One, yeah, we could have multiple Villages.

It looks like Dynasty.

Legend 2, villagers, one population, one buildings of 50.


One unemployed, one that's me, I bet, oh, do I claim the house.

How does that work? S to unlock I got two perks from here? Okay? So Craftsman recipe.

Crafty time 15 percent cutting down trees is fewer swings.

Oh, well, I guess we got much choice.

Both of them right? I think it's on the trick, but do I claim this as my own is that a thing because in like medieval Dynasty I believe he just pulled something up, and you can say who wants to live in these houses, but I guess we could zoom in okay, here's the house I, put icons.

Um population is me.

There's me, simple house, empty bed, cook, Sharp, oh, geez.


Well, no because I'm, not really doing anything.

My job right now is to cook sure because I'm everything at the moment, uh, should we eat? Her? Yeah, let's ever our lovely, cooked meat.

I just gonna have to have a vegetable.

I'm gonna have, uh, where all right, hey, wait, wait, wait, wait that's.

The gumbo plant.

Okay, straw right here.

Foreign I.

Don't, see exclamation.

Ah, can't, pull up map hitting him.

Uh, oh, yeah.



See it it's up top in the compass catch me.

Some fish buddy, I got good news.

The village is reborn.


Join me.


It makes me so happy just tell me where my house is and I'll get to work.

I gotta build her a house can't.

You just live with me, I mean, we got one map we could share, um berries freaking miles to pick some of these, but it's, not right in town.

Okay, we'll use this until it falls apart and then we're going to use the iron ones that I got I don't have much room all right.

So we gotta build our house.

Huh? Can I build a storage or is it storage for everybody? I don't want to be here, personal a large, spacious, personal Tower hawora that allows you to store items on your journey note that it will be destroyed along with its contents on season chain have to be at the Bell Tower, simple storage truck that allows you to build personal or Dynasty storage for future.

Quick access.




Should we just put her next to me? I think this is just our temporary spot.

We can build later on it sounds like we have many budget villages.

And we can uh better house.

I mean, we're, not gonna get that far into play test I'm, pretty sure just plan it out because how the game is playing right now, a good chance that I will probably be getting this when it comes out.

Okay? Should we put her next to me? I think I will since we know each other right? Foreign at some point, we'll, get roads, it's, irritating close enough.

Close enough.

Okay, I definitely need more logs and I definitely need to stuff my face with some wine, Berry, delicious better be I've eaten enough of them.

I don't need sticks or charcoal.

I, really at the moment.

Well, if I will be, but okay, let's get rid of this.

Oh three planks.

Okay, uh.


Well, that's firewood, throw you out? Oh try this one instead, oh, how about this one instead, foreign? Okay.

So I'm gonna need more plank, definitely a lot more planks.

So we'll, throw you guys out foreign see where this gets us? I can still put the sticks in okay trip down a tree.

Yeah, my life easier if they wouldn't have burnt the trees that are close, hey, Maddie, yep, Freddy stream, it's gonna be it won't be as long of a stream today, be as long of a stream, I say that, but I'm really enjoying this game.

So we'll we'll see I wanted to make I needed to make videos for forever.


But uh, why am I picking these up? How was your day back? 200? Oh, no, I'm.

Not gonna be 100 busy day busy day.

I had dentist appointment.

But I was gonna make did I just get multiples in one shot.

Uh, yeah, I was gonna make a forever Skies videos today, but I got invited to the or they accept.

They accepted the invitation or my request I should say two for the play test this game.

So I had a change of plans.

Um, Shadow Gambit was uh was great was great.

What did dentists say I have teeth? Uh, no, I'm.

Fine I need a log though I, can't, I need to log for my hammer.

Um, yeah, I'm, oh cavities or anything just my checkup.

But yeah, so Shadow Gambit.

We played was amazing game and uh, I need to build that, uh, but Shadow Gambit dang.

It said, that was probably his favorite demo and I would have to say it was mine.

Thank you.

Some people don't it's, weird, Okay.

So, oh, yeah, I need to build my hammer bro I, kind of wish.

It went back into place where I had it before without having to keep doing that.

But it makes sense.

I won't.

Be enough.

I had I thought.

It was amazing it's.

The attacks in that game were very fun.

I picked up a second, uh, second, people because it's gonna have a crew.

So you're gonna have people with you.

His was fun to use everything about the game.

I just thought was fun.


Cyber nights was pretty fun, pretty fun, but I like tactical, turn-based games.

So the win-win for me, let's get some sticks, I think I need more Stone, too I.

Hope I have enough four hours it's my birthday it is it is.

Thank you.

Any planks, One, log.

Okay and just planks.

Thank you.

And then our stream for uh tomorrow will be a demo.

Another demo day, I think I plan is what I'm gonna do, uh, it's, I'm gonna start with Testament for the demo and then I'm going to do lunacy and then lost Vikings and then it's going to between book Walker or luna Abyss, but maybe I might throw in a different game too because since I'm streaming this.

Because again, this game was not planned, uh, brand, Emprise.

You don't like how YouTube doesn't tell you YouTube is not that great at uh, I, don't have enough, blanks, he's, not good at telling anybody anything like I follow my own channel.

I'd like my, uh, my, uh, I, don't, like my Vault Channel.

So I subbed to that.

One bookwalker is where you kind of go inside books and steal the artifacts.

So people will hire you.

And you go into books where you steal artifacts from the book, for instance, like uh, somebody wanted to get Excalibur.

You would go into a court of King Arthur or whatever it is and try to steal Excalibur.

And when I play the demo a long time ago, it, uh, you you go from an isometric game to uh, first person depends if you're in the book or not I enjoyed, it I enjoyed.

It I thought it was.

It was unique very unique game that game actually came out it's actually out it came out like yesterday day before Stone, like what the hell stubbed my toe, I don't.

Think these sandals are gonna protect them.


So I need straw.


Go loot.

The straw, not because I couldn't find this at night, I felt stupid looking all over trying to figure out how to get straw 20, right there.


So this house is done.

So if I go, she can have a simple house, she's disappointed.

What sucks B I just built you a house right? That's.

She said, the population of one There, She Goes.

Now can I make her a cook.

Yes, I'm gonna have to get her food.

Never mind.


So I gotta talk to peeps.

Somebody was over here watching my work for you I don't think, you're.

One of the people I wanted to talk to you live here, I missed another.

Another unfortunate soul from that shipwreck.

Yeah, I used to be in the field.

No cropsis here.

Well, at first thought, nothing would ever grow here again, but I kept returning.

And now look it's.

All green it's all grass, you're mistaken.

There are Gobo Roots wine berries.

They will feed and heal.

You is have to notice them as I did aren't you talking to someone what well not who mushrooms.

Why would you talk to mushrooms? Why wouldn't I before you came along I didn't have much company here and I like to talk Gathering them for dinner, but I'm about to eat them.

I owe them, at least some pleasant conversation.

Okay, talk to you later, new food place open up here and uh, it was eh.

Yeah, what kind of food? Okay, so we were supposed to talk to well, I know, one guy talk to this.

Dude, yes, we can put that away you carrying the Hammer with me back soon but authentic.

But you said, you might need some help it's all the Kobe well, you're too late he's, drawing his last breath in tar's Cabin, just beyond, uh, he's beyond help happy birthday, nah.

Well, my wife said, she's gonna take me out to eat, but I really don't care.

Not really she made me a strawberry pie instead, well, not instead, but she made me a strawberry pie.

I, see some overeating later on tonight, if it's ready, you'd be said, helping him, no use now I just have to wait.

And when he's ready I'll drag him out into the sunlight I came here from seggy is that guy to perform sacred DB, the guys didn't like it when man dies at home so I'm sitting here listening to the sea with one ear as he groans with another story.

He refused to leave social guy and his house burnt down car offered to take him into hokubai's family.

Oh and hookabai's family moved to aratani they're running out of food there, but they kept bringing him rice, all the pickle Bay ever wanted to be a burden.

So he went into the forest and gathered some mushrooms.

Oh, he poisoned himself turns out the wrong sort of mushrooms, look where it got him.

What was he think of Trent unknown, mushrooms, unknown, not really, oh, he killing himself on purpose.

How do you know he opened his eyes for a moment and I swear, he was relieved to see me.

He knew he meant to die.

Why would he do that one less mouth to feed for the family you're scarce around here, like I told you he never wanted to be a burden.

So there's, nothing we can do no, but Mata would probably say otherwise, she's a local herbalist.


So we're gonna go back talk to her never know what happened if you could if you drink her concoctions, but some of them can be helpful, I'll give her that all right I'll talk to her foreign.

Wait, wait.

He had fish I stole a fish did I eat that no it's right there eat that thing? Well, there's a bunch of fish, it's still, seven fish I like having a little bit of the quest, too it's like in medieval Dynasty I had a that is dying.

I want you to help him or I want to help him what exactly happened to him? Eat some mushrooms I made all the hippo Bay? Right? There are medicines that might help him, but it could be difficult.

You can't make them, of course, I can.

But you have to decide which ones to choose B, how can I choose between medicines I'm, not a Healer? One gives tiny chance of survival and hookup I will dip will definitely suffer a lot there's.

No guarantee it'll be successful.

The other one will only take away his pain.

He will suffer less die.

Well, I'm, not like in this decisions, honor his wishes.

Take away his pain.

He would surely welcome the chance to fight of his life.

I mean, if I can get him into the village, then he wouldn't be a burden right? But if you truly wishes, one die, I, don't want to dishonor him, I'll save him we're making some Global Roots there's.

Some in this very field, just pull them carefully so that they would stay intact.

Yes, right.

It's, uh.

So far it's candled by medieval Dynasty, which is probably one of my favorite survival games is you build your village So like, um, I can only say for medieval Dynasty, but you build your whole village in medieval Dynasty.

You get, you can find a spouse.

You have children.

You build basically an entire town.

And you assign people to shops, um, other people will gather resources.

And you just make a full functioning town and that's, the feeling I'm getting from this.

One try to make people happy.

So I can get them into my town and uh, I'm building I, just added another person to town.

So from what I am seeing, this is that's, what I think it is as just like medieval Dynasty and I am all for it.

You can shut that the seasons change.

I mean, it's gonna be colder in hell anyway, because it's just like a screen, but I'm just sleeping on a mat, Okay so I need.

The roots I think that's just fine right? Should you say how many I need that's done? Oh I gotta find ten.

Oh God.


I did a lot.

How many do I have three ten right? There, I already, picked the berries off of that I have the roots.

So if I get an herbalist or any type of place like that, forager I'm gonna have to put her as that a bit and yeah, I see I need a while what's done give this antidote to the sick.


You could keep death at Bay, but he'll definitely suffer touch her I'm.

So happy about that either if he lives he's gonna resent me watch, but who knows maybe he'll be happy if I give him a job and he's gonna need a house and I'm gonna need to build something drink this? What what's this am I gone calm down, you'll live and Escape, an antidote from the mushroom.

You ate what how could you we all die and it hurts again, wait wait, wait.

What else we got in here? Oil I'll leave the oil in there, because I don't know what the hell oil is used for foreign.

S, those are those are neat looking that's, a meru.

He looks more alive, right? Well, isn't that a surprise, I, didn't know, the old man had it in him what's next for him, probably lit, but I don't expect him to be grateful I'll card him to his family and aratani when he gets better, took the risk and saved his life.

People won't, forget that.


So he might be pissed.

But if other people would be happy I'm, okay, with that can't, please everybody right dark again.

Soon, um, Quest is that one that one is done.

Okay? So we got kenju or kenyu chiomi establish your base and get to know the locals.


So that's, what I'm working on now is getting to know the locals.


So we'll track for that.

One she's over this way far away is that push and pull up the map.

Maybe there big white square, oh, you're, the warrior, I guess I could talk to you you're still here who knows maybe another travel one, drawing here and wishes to hear the story about the famous ikai, the Valiant Giro, a crooked shibia.

The map looks cool.

Did a good job on the map got to be here for that isn't.

He what am I going to talk to? Oh, no, it's.

Your wrong guy.

Never mind.

So pretty show me what do you do here? The shrine Priestess, a warship Inari, the goddess prosperity and Bountiful Harvest I was in a shipwreck near here.

Some of us survived I know, I heard about you and the other survivors, I hope, you'll find what you're looking for we're, hoping for a new life in the peasant Kingdom.

Oh yes, we're going through hard times more reason to pray for the to the goddess I heard you need assistance.

Shrine is empty.

Nobody visits anymore.


People feel the goddess Inari left them.

Now he sent foxes to protect the crops.

What foxes do when humans burn their fields make an offering to the goddess, perhaps others will follow find an egg and cook it over a campfire times are tough.

This will do for now we're gonna find one I think I saw a crow's nest right on top of these rocks you passing away from, uh, social guy, just don't.

Take all the eggs from the nest.

Why the more eggs sacrifice better right? And you take an egg, there will be less Birds to damage the crops good.

But when you take all the nests will die out.

So now he's teaching about scarcity is, uh and plenty life and death see if we can find this before it gets dark love to go to Asia and see the temples and shrines I think some of it will be beautiful.

I, don't know, exactly where she said, I had to have passed it, which this I would have passed see it's too dark, anything's better than the rocks at farms.

We got, yeah, I have to agree.

You said, I would have passed it, but that would have been a lie because, uh, small breach construction site discovered so I can build that bridge that'll be cool.

Oh, no, um can I make another one stuck I'm, stuck dangerous place to beep, um, she said, rocks, but I, don't, maybe it's further that way we'll try sleeping.

We didn't really sleep much last time.

Awesome that torch away look kind of dark, though can I tell what time of day it is night.

I, don't, see, I wish.

We could zoom in.

She said, I would have passed them on the roads from salsa guy or maybe that's she's getting up hills.

Foreign really tell me, I should be tracking this one right? Okay, not quite fast enough where where would it be let's find the crows it's, not on the map from what I can see there either all I'm doing is getting myself, 100 lost our chicken with the eggs.

But my dog would absolutely Master, uh, I, I hate Ray, I hated raising chickens.

Oh, no for me I do that as a kid animals are plenty here.


The second year, 150 they're more for butchered chickens, use it for food, foreign I, don't know, I can't.

Imagine it would be this far away right so shrine, how many Trident blessings? Okay place your offer on the shrine alter in exchange you'll gain some way of the monk experience points.

Now for five minutes, you can enjoy the increased Sprint speed.


What are the examples? I? Still, don't know? Okay.

She said beyond the rocks, and you would have passed them almost wondering if it's back towards the beginning, instead of where the hell I'm at I never looked where we got close to Shipwrecked.

The place is over that way, oh she's no longer here.

Awesome just check and see if she's at her house place of power find an inner peace or strength, preparing for a large battle or grieving after a loss, places of power allow you to get in touch with the spiritual world.

Places of Power are special locations related to Nature history or religion.

You can locate them by the stone pillar.



Here I, don't know, I, don't know how they're gonna work I bet you we kind of just relax.

And then we get a buff that's.

What happens with the other Shrine just pray to the god or whatever it doesn't get a buff I, don't know where this Nest is gonna be this is where I started laughs sure rains a lot here.

Oh, God.

I gotta eat that fish foreign I have no idea where we'll find this nest.

My music's.

Okay, haha.


So we'll get to town we'll cook, our egg, hopefully we'll appease, her I think we're gonna get one other person for our town, too so population, two of four.

So we're gonna have four people it's like it, but we got to build up reputation for you to make these people happy for us to get more people I believe, maybe since we made him happy, we can increase it more I.

Guess I could have cooked it at the campfire that was behind me.

Couldn't I, stamina moves up.

Pretty quick.

Okay, with that.

Okay is she here? She is she's missed her bed, though she missed your bed.

Okay, it's egg, cook.

It use a cupcake to make an offering to Inari it's that where we take it to the shrine.

It looks like up this way or do we do it at her house, dude, we'll find out all right? There, there's a bridge.

We gotta fix it.

Hey, Alex I could fix.

It probably leave this little area that we're in I drink out of this.

No does water.

Give me.


It does.

So if I put the bamboo water here or I can't or bamboo bottle, I could just move.

It I, don't know, depending how that works.

Now a few things I've noticed with the game moving around something to get stuck on stuff, or you can't climb up the hill very well.

So I've noticed that again, it's only a play test, but that's something that could possibly work on what I've noticed.

Welcome I'm, uh, your Chachi.

Huh? You spare three coins overall I, get yeah.

I, like this game, I say, it's, good to help the less fortunate.

Ah, see, it took me for a beggar I'm, not a beggar I'm offer a path of to enlightenments form of a riddle.

Sure you agree I'm not asking for much when I'm asking for an offering.

So you want to hear the riddle chirp I, see your eagness, but I can't, see the three coins come back when you have them.

Well, all right, seven out of ten.

Yeah, I would say, that's, pretty close.

If it had more polishing like medieval Dynasty I would say about a eight and a half to nine because medieval dynasty was just insane love.

It I wasn't expecting this I'm like moving there's things that just block me from moving that really shouldn't block me from moving some of the assets like the Rocks you can you can see them are like inside them stuff like that.

They gotta fix that a little bit Graphics I'm.

Okay, with the graphics as it is I.

Don't, I'm, not uh, oh use the egg I, didn't use it.


It doesn't have to have great graphics for me to like it.

A lot of games I play don't have greater graphics.

I play a lot of games.

I don't have good graphics, um nowhere.

Yep, it's.

Getting hot in here, very hot.

A fan is not cooling me off.

You should probably end it here sometime what time is it.

Yeah, put a 9 30., what a 9 30.

Oh, it meant to stream for maybe about an hour hour and a half.

So, uh, where are we at now? Oh we're already at two hours all right? Yeah, we'll go to 9 30.

Another 40 minutes offering has been made.

And now he is pleased.

You have your blessing.

You have my respect perfect timing at your bedtime goal, just a trifle just cooked egg.

But you did something the locals have forgotten about.

It is not them, but an outsider who got blessed by her I will follow her sweet.

Okay, so we gotta find this dude, uh here this way, oh no.



This is like a very impromptu stream, I mean, I I, put it in uh for stream.

And then uh, I just crossed through the water right? Maybe I don't have to cross the water.

Yeah, I was very impromptu I was like I came back from the dentist, I, cooked, some, uh, Smash, Burgers.

And then I set up for the Stream.

There was no planning or anything to it really normally I at least try to plan or I keep to my schedule.

This week's gonna be all thrown off isn't it because I stream tonight and I'm streaming tomorrow night, it's like I, keep wandering and there's just more and more places I, keep finding, uh, let's.

Eat some berries let me know the streams.

But yes, it throws me out.

Yeah, again, I wouldn't have streamed tonight, except for this.

The current season about to end plan per what does it say plan production gonna get summertime, though right so we're gonna need people I need some type of building can I actually build is that in the game.

Well, I can build a shed.

Uh, buildings production, buildings.

Oh, I could build a Woodcutter, Hut, forager's Hut that looks like it right now.

So I, don't know who all I can get in my Village I probably need another house built food storage, General storage, water, storage, wood, storage, oh, my God, there's so much stuff so much stuff I love it service, build it's, a Tavern, The, Tavern.

Okay, decorations and Village structures.

Bell Tower, built, dude, go shichi told me you might need some help I don't need help from anyone right now I'm busy with the damn kid.

What kid there's? No one here, damn whip more like it, uh, kikumatsu told them, uh to go and practice, hunting sure it's taking a sweet time or is he probably hiding in the Hills behind the hunting Hut whimpering long enough that I see he's, not the only one wasting my time goodbye.

Oh, yes.

We're gonna ask the boy you're wasting my time.


Not really hiding anywhere just standing out in the open scratching your head.

I think he told me he'd give you a task.

Hey told me to hunt and cook a hair.

It makes, uh to make me.


He says really hard you're distract.

What is it? I know, I should be brave.

But my father when he was alive still alive.

He told me it's wrong to kill animals, it's, stupid, I know, it's just a hair.

Look kid.

Perhaps I could do it for you wood? Well.

Thank you.


Guess apparently Kenji doesn't.

Does it all with his bare hands? It didn't bother to give me a spear or a knife, where can I find it? Right? There, shouldn't be hard to spot when there's plenty of nests around and see where it went, oh bunny, you lie.

They are hard to find.


So we went off this way, but I don't, even think sneaking does me any good.

Thank you I did see it, but I don't know how far it runs away that one there it was near there, they're buttoned to see to pull that up to see it got some shrooms, probably poisonous, oh, I, gotta keep putting this thing back on if I don't.

Thank you I got him.

So I lost my spear.

Oh wait.

No there.

It is hidden cook the meat and give it all right all right.

So I gotta build myself a fire.

Apparently on the middle of the road is not an option.

It clears, the area out more games need to do this right here.

You put something in the grass.

It takes the grass away in that area that way you don't have the emerged and breaking grass going through your floor of your house and all that other crap.

Here, take it to him right away.

Wait a moment you haven't eaten today.

Don't worry about me since mom and dad died I got used to it and go for two days without food.

You know, Kendra says, it's a sign of discipline.

It says, what it's using you eat the meat.

You need the strength eat it perhaps you're, right? I'm feeling not all that.

Well, oh let's see I just pissed him off.

He has killed the hair.

How do you know where's? The meat I told him to eat it that's his problem, not mine, his parents are dead.

And the kid has to learn to survive on his own it's.

Just a child.

You are responsible for him.

All the ray tech Refugee is trying to teach me how to treat my pupils.

Thank you for the lesson I can do it without it I know what you're doing here you act high and mighty with me, because you hope the others will be impressed by your caring, how caring and merciful.

You are well, good luck with that.

Some will buy this sort of crap, but I know, better scram before I get angry stop sniffing around if I ever catch.

You setting up an outpost like mine.

So well, I don't think come around may I run back home.

I should have ate the beat I'd, throw that spear at the deer, but I have a feeling it's gonna take more than one and we're gonna have to start some type of production.

Oh, well, how much time we got about half hour? Okay, we could try to build some type of production thing.

Let's, see if we can get can we tell what she is good at she'll, be next season, she'll, be content, I, don't know, if she's good at anything at least I, don't, see anything to state where she's good at I, don't know, maybe nobody has a specific thing they're good at or maybe it's, not even in the game.

Yet I don't know, will this be the new main game? No, this is just for tonight only it's, just a play test that's.

All this is so I got invited.

Well I asked to be in the play test.

And they invited me, not gonna say like, oh, I'm important.

But no, they I asked and they, uh, they invited me so I'm just I'm playing it for tonight.

Only, um, I'm, not sure when the game's gonna be coming out.

And when the game comes out either Early Access or full release, uh depends when it comes out, I might stream it, uh, because good chunk of the rest of this year is going to be busy on streams.

Um I have games scheduled up until Boulder's Gate, but Boulder's Gate and uh, star field are a must that I will be streaming.

And then after that I, don't, I, don't know, zorya is going to be out I want to play that.

But uh, pretty sure there's other games that'll be coming out since then too.

But those two are a must for me.


So let's should we do a forager? Uh, starting Sunday I'm gonna play greedfall, which is just an RP, uh, RPG set in the Caribbean, probably in the 1700s, something like that I think I still pulled up I do so because I'm I'm nerdy so I have a spreadsheet I use Excel, I have a spreadsheet.

What I want to kind of keep an order what I want to do.

So and a little bit it's going to change here, but I think with greedfall.

So I'm gonna play greedfall once that's done there's, probably a one night only stream of fire.

Watch just kind of a story based game very short, then I'm gonna try observation, which I believe is just kind of a story game also kind of short and then it's either going to be that's.

All I do at work is spreadsheets.

Most of the time.

So I was gonna do spaceborne 2, but I think what I'm gonna do is I'm going to probably get Remnant 2, which the first game was amazing, but it's a Soul's light game and I suck at them.

But it was the first Souls like game I've ever beat.

So I might buy that one and stream that I believe that comes out towards the end of July and then end of August is Boulder's Gate three.

So if there's any time in between I, don't know, I, don't know, we'll have to see how much time between what game I can throw in there I've been helping out The Neighbors.

Have you heard from Miko? She told everyone how I honor the goddess in the shrine.

It was just a cooked egg, not much of a sacrifice.

It was more than most of us would do some were ashamed by their neglective.

Inari I heard about you, which one which game the uh Remnant or Boulder's, Gate, Boulder's, Gates, August, 31st that comes out September.

Well, August 31st, Boulder's, Gate, 3 comes out a week after that Starfield comes out.

So I'll be playing Baldur's Gate like crazy.

I might even stream.

Other nights, I have some days taken off too in September beginning to well through September.

So I might stream longer on Thursday nights, just to get some of those going.

And then once that's done I'll be playing Starfield, and then Starfield I, don't know, how many how long that's going to take so anime possibly because I'm I'm, just gonna guess starfield's usually going to be in October, but I could be wrong.

Um, then I'll, try to find some horror games, uh, the bunker, I already played the bunker, a little bit of the demo.

But the game just came out so I might do that I think the shrine will have more visitors from now on what about Kenji.

Yeah, he may have a grudge against you, but everyone else sinks.

It was Brave you to stand up for the boy.

He was hungry and scared I had to help him.

So many, uh, some may you weren't fair to Kenji, but yofu will deserved.


Pardon my words, matsumura mentioned anything and visit with old hubecki or hikobi.

Go bye, uh, it's, quite the gossip.

He told everyone what you did.

I still don't know, if I did the right thing.

The old man is suffering, but alive.

His family will be grateful.

They speak for you as well at matamuru it's, a difficult decision.

You had the courage to make it.

This is the mark of a leader I think I can count on the sport of the locals.

Now I think they'll support.

You I even know someone who'd be happy to join your village.

Oh, my sister, Siri she's excited about your plans.

She loved all the satsu guy and wanted to thrive once more hope.

This is the beginning.



Good I gotta build another house, too.

Well, I don't have a house.

So it's, no point in asking her to join right yet.

I have to sleep here, though, oh it's gonna start a new season.

So it should be summer.

I was looking at the map spring day, three of five so I'm, assuming there's five days for every season that's.

My guess I have some more berries we're gonna have to do something about food, hoping she well, God I need a storage for her to store it in dude, aren't I, I'm gonna need a storage.

Thank you.

General storage building requires to store I produce a lot of various ingredients goods and items the storage global connecting each Village there's, a food storage requires one storage to produce a lot of various Foods resources and meals storage is global connecting each Village it's, just like a house I have to break something let's go sleep before we do anything.

Oh, nope that away.

Victor KIPP, I know, spring was terrible all right.

So we got chop some stuff down, um, where do I? What the put it back here? I mean, I don't want it too far let's.

Try here, uh production.

Assuming they're just not who am I hungry.

Okay, I thought, I had more barriers than anybody ever needs to eat so much like medieval Dynasty, my God I'm in love with it already Bonk, oh, I'm full, uh, uh.

I do have planks.

Let's I made the mistake in medieval Dynasty put in like my wood cutter far away thinking, oh, we need far away into the trees.

Oh it's.

Not quite the same as a house is it.

You like the singing I don't mind.

The music in here, I think overall this game is great.

And just for being a play test pretty good to me once I get more people I have to get a wood cutter in too tired of chopping down, Trace, foreign foreign.


Foreign I do have a log so I should be able to just make this.

Okay, see? Okay.

So I'm going to be short logs, but we'll put everything else in there remember we're gonna be short planks too any two logs I be enough.

Thank you.

There we go.

So we got a forager.

So we could probably give her a job.

We're gonna still need a storage though aren't, we I don't, see anything here she can store.

So she could pick we need food.

So let's have her pick wineberry, Maybe, I'm, burying eggs.

Yeah, no food starts.


So we need that food storage.

We just build the food storage next here.

Maybe how big is this food storage plant deposits are blocking it and do I really want the food storage like right next to our house, try to solve this problem right now can I put it on this side, foreign lack of flat terrain.

Well, you're hard to please aren't you, oh wait.

And there we go all right.

So we need more logs more planks right now.

We'll just throw this stuff in here.

I think what we'll do is we'll try to get it see if we can get her set up to be a forager before we call it all my stone, taking all my stamina, too.


Foreign finally, ran out of stone come on.

This has to be rocks, right? Wait, wait, wait I'm, hoping once we get these tools upgraded that we're gonna have way more they're gonna last, but like my ax lasts, a long time, I've been using this, because the game gave me a free, two free Iron axes, and they last a long time.

So so once you get to iron, everything seems to last a whole lot longer, X, I mean, it's about ready to go.


Guess, but I chopped a lot down, take you I'll.

Take you see where we're at oh I'm gonna be short on straw, too three logs a straw and logs.


So I know where to get some straw, uh, I must have got iron a thick out of that rock.

I had some cooked fish.

Uh, is it in here? I got rot on me, right here iron ore at 12.

So once you break down the rock they'll have a some of these seem to have an inner inner node inside.

It should be enough I think of hogs, oh, God.

I got a second one where's, my spear head back on.


So we'll have our food storage, try to get her set up foreign.

Oh, no, I need something else in here straw man, I need more straw.

I might just make it.

I need five.

Huh? Right? So we should be able to put her in here.

Forge some goodies jobs, Forge, your Hut, uh, yeah, sign villager you're gonna go in there.

So 100 Max is 20.

so we're gonna do ten percent eggs? Okay, gonna pick something else negative 50., not sure what this is now add more food that's, where I'm trying to figure it out here can I have her gather more than one thing.

Oh, okay.

So 100 is 33.

So she'll say we do 20.

So she can only gather one thing at a time.

Oh, this is defeat us.

Next season it's much much better output.

I guess? Okay.

So she is in here.

Our food production is 80.

So if we add another person so is it 50 person eats 50 food any new perks, we got a perk here, a better pricing, uh, your something to vendor, Yourself by haggling, better prices.

I don't think, oh we can do this strong grip usage of stamina.

Okay, better stamina I like it Warrior for Hunter.


So is she out and about getting stuff still in bed.

How do you like your new home? When I was lying there on the shore? I thought, it was the end, not the beginning.

So thank you let's.

Rebuild this place together get to work.

I think it's set up right zero food.

But it says, Plus 32.

It is 9 30.

It is 9 30 and I got her set up I was hoping to see her go do something I don't know if she's getting food can we look at storage? Oh I could put more in here.

Oh, that is awesome.


Think let's.

Get rid of this all right all right? Perfect all right? Yes.

So it's, 9 30., I know, I gotta get off this.

Otherwise I, won't.

Stop tonight.

Um, um.


I'm, enjoying this I liked it again.

This is just like medieval Dynasty so it's, Turner already, yes or me.

So I mean, you make it like medieval Dynasty and I'm just happy again.

This is just a play test.

Uh, should still still is there safe? I'm gonna save it great save? Okay, um, I'll, check and see they might be able to still sign up.

Yeah, play test is right now.

So you can't sign up for it if anybody's interested in playing this, uh, but yeah, I'm, enjoying it.


I'm gonna end it here for the night I, uh, I was gonna go for maybe an hour hour and a half stream and ended up being almost three.

But yeah, I'd like everybody for uh spending some time here greatly appreciate it.

If you did enjoy this, please hit that like button.

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See you all next time, foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you.

Foreign foreign.



What survival game is set in feudal Japan? ›

About Superkami Games

Their first announced title is Sengoku Dynasty - an open-world survival builder set in the beautiful world of medieval Japan.

What is the Japanese version of medieval dynasty? ›

Sengoku Dynasty offers an immersive insight to life in medieval Japan. Select your path as a Leader, Craftsman, Warrior, or Monk and embark on an epic journey. Explore forests, mountains, cherry groves, and hot springs - discover a diverse and beautiful world.

What is the specs for Sengoku dynasty? ›

To play Sengoku Dynasty you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Core i5-6600. However, the developers recommend a CPU greater or equal to an Intel Core i7-8700 to play the game. Sengoku Dynasty will run on PC system with Windows 10 (x64) and upwards.

Are there any open-world games set in Japan? ›

Yakuza 0 is a great fighting adventure game set in a stunning open-world environment that lets its players explore Tokyo and Osaka's two most popular districts.

What is the oldest game in Japan? ›

Kemari is a ball game that is said to have come from China to Japan during the Yamato period approximately 1,400 years ago. There are no winners or losers in this game, the objective of the game being simply to pass the ball to fellow players.

What is the most famous dynasty in Japan? ›

The Imperial House of Japan, known by their name the Yamato Dynasty, is amongst the oldest in the world, with its historical origins in the late Kofun period of the 3rd–6th centuries AD.

Who was the most powerful in medieval Japan? ›

The three samurai who unified Medieval Japan
  • Number one: Nobunaga. Oda Nobunaga (1534–1582) was a relatively obscure warlord who rose to prominence in the 1560s. ...
  • Number two: Hideyoshi. ...
  • Power vacuum. ...
  • Number three: Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Jun 13, 2023

What was the 1st dynasty of Japan? ›

Classical Japan is a period when the Yamato clan rose to power and became Japan's first dynasty. It includes the Asuka, Nara, and Heian Periods.

Why is the Sengoku era so popular? ›

The Sengoku period is important because it marks the first transition from medieval Japan to modern Japan. It constitutes the last period before the establishment of the Tokugawa shogun dynasty, which marks a significant turning point for Japan.

What sword does Sengoku use? ›

We call the swords Taira-Takada when the swords were made in Muromachi Period(1333-1573 A.D). There were so many Takada swords used in the civil war period(Sengoku Period).

What weapon does Sengoku use? ›

The ōdzutsu was used primarily in naval and siege battles during the Sengoku Jidai for its efficiency in destroying large enemy structures. Though interpretations of ōdzutsu differ in literature, it is generally regarded as a weapon of forged iron to distinguish it from an ishibiya (a cast bronze hand cannon).

Is Yakuza considered open-world? ›

Yakuza is a third-person open world action-adventure game where the player controls Kazuma Kiryu in the city of Kamurocho. The game also incorporates role-playing elements.

Do they play wow in Japan? ›

You can find localized versions of World of Warcraft in Korea, mainland China and Taiwan, but Japanese players are left to their own devices -- no dedicated servers, no language localization.

What Japanese open world game is like GTA? ›

If you haven't played a Yakuza game before, you might be picturing something along the lines of Grand Theft Auto, only set in modern-day Japan. After all, like GTA, Sega's Yakuza is an open-world action game series with a focus on crime.

What game got banned in Japan? ›

As of November 2022, video game The Callisto Protocol has been banned in Japan.

What is the oldest game in the universe? ›

The Royal Game of Ur

The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest playable boardgame in the world, originating around 4,600 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. The game's rules were written on a cuneiform tablet by a Babylonian astronomer in 177 BC.

Which game is mostly played in Japan? ›

Both traditional sports such as sumo and martial arts, and Western imports like baseball, association football, basketball and tennis are popular with both participants and spectators. Sumo is considered Japan's national sport. Baseball was introduced to the country by visiting Americans in the 19th century.

Is there a Japanese royal family? ›

The current head of the monarchy is Emperor Naruhito, the 126th emperor who ascended to the Chrysanthemum Throne after his father, Emperor Emeritus Akihito, abdicated in 2019. There are currently only 17 members in the royal family.

Who was Japan most powerful king? ›

Government Official. Hirohito (1901-1989), known posthumously as Emperor Shōwa, was emperor of Japan during World War II and is Japan's longest-serving monarch in history. Hirohito was born in Tokyo during the Meiji Period to the son of the reigning emperor.

Who is the current king of Japan? ›

Naruhito, original name Hironomiya Naruhito, (born February 23, 1960, Tokyo, Japan), emperor of Japan from 2019. He is Japan's 126th emperor, and, according to tradition, traces his lineage directly to Jimmu, the legendary first emperor of Japan.

What is the old name of Japan? ›

Historians say the Japanese called their country Yamato in its early history, and they began using Nippon around the seventh century. Nippon and Nihon are used interchangeably as the country's name.

Who is Japan's greatest warrior? ›

The samurai were a class of warrior nobility who followed the Bushido code and shaped the history of Japan. The most famous are the Three Great Unifiers: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Who found Japan first? ›

Premodern Japan

While reliable records date only to about 400 A.D., legend has it that Japan was founded in 600 B.C. by Emperor Jimmu, a direct descendent of Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, and ancestor of the present ruling dynasty.

How old is Japanese royal family? ›

In fact, the imperial house of Japan claims the oldest continuous monarchy in the world, tracing their history back to 600 BC. (Though some of those early emperors are shrouded in myth, there is evidence of the family's reign as far back as 500 AD.)

What is the Japanese royal family surname? ›

What is the Japanese Imperial Family's last name? Unlike many European royal families (e.g., the Windsors), the Japanese Imperial Family has no surname but uses childhood appellations called no-miya, granted by the Emperor in childhood. Each person born into the Imperial Family is also given a personal name.

Why is it called feudal Japan? ›

Feudalism in medieval Japan (1185-1603) is the relationship between lords and vassals where land ownership and its use were exchanged for military service and loyalty.

How brutal was the Sengoku period? ›

The Sengoku Age was a time of brutal fighting in Japan. It's estimated that there was more fighting in Japan in terms of intensity, frequency, and duration than anywhere else in the world at this time. So it was an extraordinarily bloody period.

What was the strongest clan in the Sengoku era? ›

The Shimadzu family were one of Japan's most powerful clans and ruled over southern Kyushu for a period of over 700 years. Learn about how this influential warrior clan survived through the age of the samurai and played a key role in the modernisation of Japan in the late 19th century.

Who ended the Sengoku period? ›

Who ended the Sengoku period? The Sengoku Period was ended by Tokugawa Ieyasu. Rising to the position of shogun, he defeated the last of his rivals in 1615.

What is the oldest Japanese sword? ›

The oldest sword, “Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi”, is a legendary Japanese sword and is enshrined as a one of three Imperial Regalia of Japan at the Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya city.

What is the hardest samurai sword? ›

The Cold Steel Emperor Katana is one of the toughest, strongest Samurai Swords in the world. It is made using traditional methods and won't let you down.

What are the 3 samurai swords called? ›

Tachi, Katana: over 60.6 cm (more than two shaku) Wakizashi: between 30.3 and 60.6 cm (between one and two shaku) Tantō, Aikuchi: under 30.3 cm (less than one shaku)

What fighting style does Sengoku use? ›


How powerful was Sengoku? ›

Sengoku the Buddha was the former Fleet Admiral of the Marines. He became monstrously powerful after he ate the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu, and a colossal Zoan-type devil fruit. He was the ultimate powerhouse. Sengoku is the only Marine who possesses all three powers of Haki.

Who is Sengoku's goat? ›

Brigette Goudeau: Sengoku's Goat.

Is Ghost of Tsushima set in feudal Japan? ›

Before deciding on the setting as feudal Japan, Sucker Punch considered various other settings and themes such as pirates, Scottish outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor, and The Three Musketeers. They later found a historical account of the Mongol invasion of Tsushima in 1274 and "the entire vision clicked into place."

Is Sekiro set in feudal Japan? ›

The gameplay is focused on stealth, exploration, and combat, with a particular emphasis on boss battles. It takes place in a fictionalized Japan during the Sengoku period and makes strong references to Buddhist mythology and philosophy.

What tabletop RPG is set in feudal Japan? ›

Bushido is a Samurai role-playing game set in Feudal Japan, originally designed by Robert N. Charrette and Paul R.

Is Ghost of Tsushima in feudal Japan? ›

The game takes place in Tsushima island in 13th century Japan during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. The plot follows Jin Sakai's story, head of the mighty Sakai family of samurais, as he pursues to free Tsushima from Mongol invaders.

Is Clan Sakai real? ›

Both characters are entirely fictional. The Sakai samurai clan has existed in real-life for generations, but it wasn't established until the 14th century — and the Sakai clan has never been led by a man named "Jin." There's also no such thing as the "Shimura Clan" in Japan, though Shimura is a fairly common surname.

Is Ghost of Tsushima historically correct? ›

While not 100% accurate, Ghost of Tsushima is actually based on true historical events, chronicling the first Mongol invasion of Japan in which the island of Tsushima was occupied by the Yuan invasion force.

Who killed Khotun Khan in real life? ›

In the conclusion of the final battle at Izumi port, all of the three technically happened: Jin beheaded Khotun Khan and left his body in a burning Mongol vessel that's on its way to sink.

Could anyone become a samurai in feudal Japan? ›

How can you become a Samurai? In the Edo era, samurai's life was ruled by the shogunate, therefore the only way to become a samurai was to be born in the samurai family, adopted by a samurai family with the permission of authorities, or get married to a samurai.

What are the 6 levels of Japanese feudal society? ›

From the bottom up, there are merchants, artisans, peasants, ronin, samurai, daimyos, shogun, and finally, the emperor at the top.

How historically accurate is Sekiro? ›

“Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” was inspired by the Sengoku period of Japanese history. But the marketing materials have been quick to point out that the game is not rooted in historical facts but rather draws aesthetic inspiration from the times.

What is the oldest RPG system? ›

Dungeons & Dragons, developed in 1974 by Dave Arneson and E. Gary Gygax and published by Gygax's company, TSR, was the first commercially available role-playing game, though at the time its first printing was marketed as a niche wargaming product.

Is there D&D in Japan? ›

From English to Japanese

D&D is fairly popular, and has been translated over six editions.

What board game is popular in Japan? ›

On average, the best traditional Japanese board games to try are Shogi, Gomoku, Go, Sugoroku, and Japanese Mahjong. Some of the best modern Japanese board games are Birth and Tokyo Highway. Each of these games are popular in Japan and becoming more popular in the United States.

How many samurai died in Tsushima? ›

All 80 of the troops perished. The Mongols spread their forces throughout the island, taking complete control of Tsushima within a week. The Mongol invasion fleet then sailed to Iki.

Who won Mongols or samurai? ›

The end result was Japan taking very few prisoners when Mongols washed ashore, and the Mongols finally giving up on overtaking Japan entirely. The biggest force in the world successfully took over every country it invaded, but couldn't beat the Samurai and Japan, as even the waters protected them.

Who beat Mongols? ›

The Muslim Mamluks defeated the Mongols in all battles except one. Beside a victory to the Mamluks in Ain Jalut, the Mongols were defeated in the second Battle of Homs, Elbistan and Marj al-Saffar.

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