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I don't have the current one.
I have not played in some time but it's been stated this method no longer works. They've likely updated the code and the byte offset is no longer -4. As of, it was -14. It's likely changed again since then. I'm afraid I haven't played in forever but with a little know-how this will help someone figure out the new byte offset. If you figure it out, please post here and I'll update this.

Get 2 Th' Point, Fox!

1. Get Cheat Engine
2. Scan for the total number of buildings you have built
3. Break something cheap like a woodshed
4. Scan for that new number (Old number minus 1)
5. Repeat until only one address remains
6. Double Click that address
7. Change that address' value to 5
8. Click "Active"
9. Build all you like

You're welcome.

It *can* be used to cheat in other games, and so some anti-cheat systems will ban you if you open that game with cheat engine still running, whether you're using it or not.
Just close it when you after you set the building limit and you'll be fine.


So the short and fast way to go about doing this that doesn't involve downloading any potentially sketchy programs is to just go ahead and download, cheat engine.

Cheat engine is not sketchy.

It's it's widely distributed it's been used for years, it's, not a big deal.

So I assume that you will know how to download and install that and open it.

You should probably take the tutorial for at least a few steps, but I'm kind of going to show you how to do it.


So just, uh, hang in there.

The big important thing you're going to do here is grab no matter how far along you are in this.

The total number of buildings you currently have which for me is 111.

So once we have your total number of buildings, you're going to switch over to cheat engine.

Here, the first thing you do is click on this to select a process to open open that select medieval dynasty and open that if it says anything about loading any tables, click, no now we're gonna put that value up here.

One one one and do a first scan and it's gonna do its little thing across the top here, the important part is the next thing we're going to do is drop this down to one value, less and then go back over to medieval dynasty and then we're going to pull out our building hammer here, right, click and go to destroy and we're going to find a sacrificial building, because what we're trying to do is find the variable that controls our total number of buildings.

So we're going to roll this up one would shut down that's.

I like that because it's, just six logs very easy to do.

So now you're gonna see we have 110 buildings.

So now we need to find 110 in sheet engine.

So of that remaining we're going to, uh, do a next scan.

Don't do new scan do next scan and of the 110 or 111 that were there only two are set at 110 right now.

Well that one's going all over the place you can actually do a next scan again and get rid of it.

So one of these two are going to be the 110.

Now you may have a whole bunch because it'll depend on which number you have.

And if that's the case you can actually just go back over and find another sacrificial building like this one here and that's, why I always have just a few hanging out.

I can crush this one.

And when I go back over to cheat engine, I'm now, looking for the one that is 109 and not the one that is kind of freaking out.

So now I know it is this one so always have at least three, I've never really had to do more than two, but I always have at least three of those little wood chats around to break.

And now that I have the one that is 109.

I can double click on it.

And the easiest way to do this is just to set the value.

So this is like, I don't know 5 or something below 30.

click, ok, and then click this little active box here.

And what that'll do is it'll continually reset this back to 5.

And now you'll see that I can go back over here.

I can make a building go to resource I'm going to rebuild those wood sheds that I just broke just so that's.

The very first thing you should do every single time is is rebuild these wood, sheds, it's, always at least 12 12 logs nearby.

When you start doing this before you're going to build something else and you'll see, no matter what I do.

I now have 5 out of 30.

And that is the the easiest way to go about doing that is just sending it to active.

And now I can build all the things I want to do, and I will have to do this that will not stay after a reload that will not stay after.

Uh, you restart the game.

So you will have to do that anytime you want to do that so get a whole bunch of logs together, a whole bunch of sticks, logs rocks, whatever do this.

And then just sort of do some urban planning and lay out your town because the foundations will cost you taxes, but they won't degrade over time.

So you only have to do this once run through set all that stuff up, you know, build out your roads and build out your little town and build as many as you want, but don't, you probably really don't want to go above 50 or so.

Now, if you want an alternative to that, as opposed to having the cheat engine running within an active memory, uh, adapter, the whole time, because if you uncheck that and were to then modify that value at all that's going to change once you have this value here, if you double click on the address and you subtract, this will almost always end in an eight, the offset the address will always indicate if you set this to 4, for example, right now that's going to change to 30.


So 30, this is the maximum amount you're allowed to build.

If you like you just set this to say, 300 and that doesn't have to run active.

This is just you've modified the value.

And this value will not change and it's, probably a little safer.

The way I generally go about doing this because now, if you notice, when I open this, I now have a building limit of 300 so I'm, actually modifying the actual limit, not the total number of buildings running.

So at this point, if I were to smack this with a hammer and then open this back up, I now have 110 out of 300 and that's that's.

Just the way I prefer to run.

It just it's just a little safer.

And that is how you modify your maximum building limit.


So why would you not want to do this? And quite frankly, you are saving you from yourself, because when you have a whole bunch of buildings, that means you're, the one that gets to repair a whole bunch of buildings because you're the only person that can do that right now.

We don't have a handyman.

I desperately want a handyman, especially when you have over 110 buildings, it becomes quite tedious, very quickly and you'll see here I have been rather lazy and I'm, just letting them all get the pieces down below.

Fifty percent.

The way I only have to repair all at once I used to repair once per season, I repair once every couple of years because I have tier three buildings.

But you also notice that that is a lot of buildings.

And that very quickly makes the ui very difficult to deal with as you flip through all of these and flipping through all of these becomes necessary, because we have a population of over 200.

You have to flip through all of these and find out who is living alone and who you're gonna sign another tenant to.

And maybe you can find somebody within that age bracket that is, you know of the opposite gender and that isn't already happily married.

And maybe this person works is it 47? 48, hey, look at that.

Those two happy couple.

So you know, you're starting to see how this is becoming a nightmare of flipping through all the buildings and the twice as many people.

Now your taxes do go up, but that's, pretty easily managed a lot of.

It is the fact the ui is probably going to get an overhaul to be able to deal with all of this like the ability to I don't know, put all the houses into a single tab or something.

But what you're trying to do here is or what I'm trying to say here is don't, go above like 40 or 50, because the game becomes very tedious, very quickly.

Thanks for watching.

I hope this was helpful and that you enjoyed it as always when using cheat engine back up your saves before you start playing with it.

And please do try to beat the game.

Normally before you start modifying anything it's.

Just a lot more fun that way until next time you.


How do you increase max building limit in medieval dynasty? ›

Increasing Build Limit

This quest requires you to have at least 15 buildings in your village. As a reward for completing this quest, you will receive 1125 Dynasty Reputation and your build limit will increase to 35. The maximum build limit is 65.

What is the total limit of buildings exceeded in medieval dynasty? ›

This is the building limit: At some point in Medieval Dynasty, you will no longer be able to build any more buildings to expand your settlement. The building limit prevents you from doing so. At the start of your adventure, the build limit is 5, but you can increase it to a maximum of 65.

How do you increase the number of houses in medieval dynasty? ›

Here's how to increase the Medieval Dynasty Building Limit: complete the "Chapter" quests that you get after you've finished the game's first quest. Some of the completed Chapters will add 5 or so more buildings to your total.

What is the maximum village size in medieval dynasty? ›

There is no limit for villagers. The reputation limits the recruitment.

Can you build 2 villages in medieval dynasty? ›

You can build anywhere you want (except within the radius of the pre-generated villages). All of your buildings are part of the same village, no matter how far apart they are.

What is the maximum farm size in medieval dynasty? ›

Each plant takes up a 1x1 square of space, and a single field's maximum size is 16x16.

Is Medieval Dynasty endless? ›

Is there a definite end or is it kind of endless? The game has a story that has an ending, but you can play it as long as you wish. Even death may not be the end, you can continue as your heir.

Can you max all skills in medieval dynasty? ›

You can have a maximum of 15 skill points to spend and a maximum level of 10 skill tree.

What happens if you bring 1000 logs in medieval dynasty? ›

If you actually somehow bring 1000 logs to Wolrad, he will say that you are insane, take all the logs from you, and you will get +1000 Dynasty Reputation.

Does each person need their own house in medieval dynasty? ›

Simple Small House with customized walls and exterior decoration. Houses are the dwelling places of villagers and are required for both the player's family and other villagers. You can house 1-4 villagers in each house, consisting of one male adult, one female adult and any children they produce together.

Are there bandits in medieval dynasty? ›

Beyond their stolen loot, bandits in Medieval Dynasty carry around advanced weapons and armor/clothing. The trouble is that players can potentially beat the game without even once running into bandits.

What is the most efficient way to make money in medieval dynasty? ›

Farming will be the easiest way to make money in the Medieval Dynasty mid game. You will probably have too many Flax and Wheat seeds, and you can sell 1 seed of each for around a minimum of 5 coins. Since you will have hundreds of extra seeds in your storage, you can just resell them to nearby villages.

Where is the best place to build a village in medieval dynasty? ›

The best village location in Medieval Dynasty is right in the center of the map, along the southern side of the river (at the top of the 'hump' on the map). This location is close to the starting town and is close to resources. If you can't decide on a location, this spot works great.

Do trees regrow in medieval dynasty? ›

Trees will regrow from their stump after two years. But if you remove the stump, that tree is gone forever! As above says, adding use a shovel to remove a stump. When out running around the country find a great area with lots of trees and cut those down.

What was the average village size in medieval times? ›

Most villages probably averaged around 250 to 300 residents, though certainly much smaller and significantly larger population centers might be described as villages as well.

Can you go 3rd person in medieval dynasty? ›

As a highly requested feature, players can now freely switch between first and third person modes, allowing them to view and explore the world in a whole new way. Check out the new perspective in Medieval Dynasty now in this brand-new Teasertrailer!

Can you build a tavern in medieval dynasty? ›

Tavern is unlocked at 10,000 Production Tech points. It is a worker building for drinks and distillation. When the player has built the tavern it enables the Herald and the Exotic Goods vendor to visit the player's village sometimes.

Will villagers leave medieval dynasty? ›

The better the mood villagers have, the better their productivity will be. There are several elements that increases or decreases it. If the mood is in its lowest point, the villager will leave due to discomfort and the player will suffer a dynasty reputation penalty.

When can I build more than 5 buildings in medieval dynasty? ›

The building limit in Medieval Dynasty can be increased by completing the Chapters quest line.

What is considered a very large farm? ›

Large: 2926 acres. Very large: 4673 acres.

What is the max worker level in medieval dynasty? ›

Working will increase the ability associated. The maximum value a worker can reach is 10.

Do kids grow up in Medieval Dynasty? ›

One of the many ways that Medieval Dynasty is different is that it is a generational tale. You'll marry, have a kid, and that kid will grow. Your villagers will also have children. As everyone gets older, those children will start working, taking over for their parents.

Can you stay up all night Medieval Dynasty? ›

There is currently no negative effects if the player does not sleep, therefore the main purpose of sleeping is to pass time and the player can choose to never sleep.

Can you become king in Medieval Dynasty? ›

You cannot become a king or a noble in Medieval Dynasty. All you can do when it comes to the kingdom is slightly improve your relationship with the king. By doing occasional quests and paying taxes, you will get slight bonuses from the king. Some kings are bad, and some kings are good.

What is the best skill in medieval dynasty? ›

Hunting is certainly one of the most important skills in Medieval Dynasty. Purchasing food regularly becomes expensive and is practically unfeasible in the early game. Players need to become adept at hunting their own food supplies to avoid starvation.

How long does it take to beat medieval dynasty? ›

Main Story826h 39m
Main + Extras1152h 9m
All PlayStyles2049h 21m

Can you carry more weight in medieval dynasty? ›

Increase Your Carry Weight with the Megingjord

By equipping the Megingjord, it will allow you to increase your carry weight from 300 to 450 - which is quite the increase!

What is the fastest money maker in medieval dynasty? ›

One of the fastest ways to make money in the game is by crafting Stone Knives, which requires 5 Sticks, 2 Stones, and no recipe. If the player is going this route, however, there is a step that must be taken: enabling Quick Crafting in the options menu.

What should I do with Uniegost? ›

After listening to Uniegost's speech, you have one final choice to make:
  • Choosing option 1. or 2., you will exile Uniegost from the valley, never to return. ...
  • Choosing option 3. or 4., will see Uniegost reported to the king and executed for his crimes, taking vengeance on the one who killed your uncle.

Can you ride a donkey in medieval dynasty? ›

To mount a donkey, the player must equip it with a saddle. Donkeys can trot, gallop, and jump over obstacles, the latter two consuming stamina. Riding speed can be increased by the Night Rider perk, while the stamina consumption rate can be reduced by the Skilled Rider perk, and by equipping the mount with horseshoes.

Can you have a second child in medieval dynasty? ›

How many kids can I have Medieval Dynasty? Your family can have only one child. However, your workers can have up to 2 children, based on the number of beds in their house, for a total family size of up to 4.

Can your villagers marry in medieval dynasty? ›

A wife is a NPC that the player can gain through marriage. NPC villagers can also get married together and become a husband and a wife.

Can you have a daughter in medieval dynasty? ›

As Racimir you can only have one child which will always be a male.

What are the best jobs in Medieval Dynasty? ›

The most important jobs are cook, hunter, and lumberjack.

These three jobs will provide almost all the basic resources that your villagers will need.

Can your village be attacked in Medieval Dynasty? ›

Inside the town you're quite safe, unless you're kiting them into the village. But they will go after you. They won't raid the village. Please define "interesting".

Can you make swords in Medieval Dynasty? ›

In the Smithy you can craft all Handcrafted Tools & Weapons in addition to Copper, Bronze, and Iron Tools & Weapons.

What is the best build order in Medieval Dynasty? ›

In Medieval Dynasty, like in life, personal shelter is the first priority, so players should start by building themselves a home. The next priority is storage, with resource storage taking precedence over food storage, as gathering supplies is meaningless if there's nowhere to put them.

How do you level up production fast in Medieval Dynasty? ›

So far, crafting tools, cooking food, and sewing clothing or bags will increase the player's Production skill level and unlock skill points. Meanwhile, being craftsmen, seamsters, cooks, innkeepers, blacksmiths and builders will increase villagers' Production skill levels.

Is Medieval Dynasty hard? ›

In Medieval Dynasty, not only do you have to survive, but you also need to build a prosperous city in a medieval world. That means poor tools, little in the way of protection, and lots of diseases. It's a difficult game for a first-time player, and luckily, we've got you covered with some basics.

Where is the flattest land in Medieval Dynasty? ›

Building in the mountains will never be easy in Medieval Dynasty, but this spot makes it a bit easier. Just west of Gostovia, up in the hills, is an area with a relatively flat area just asking to be built on. This flat clearing in the hills also offers a scenic vista of the nearby river valley.

What should I build first in Medieval Dynasty? ›

Following main quest progression makes you build most of the right things anyway. My order is: House, resource storage, food storage. house, lumberjack, hire 2 people, house, hunting lodge, hire 2 people. Just keep in mind that hired villagers will need food, water, shelter & firewood or they'll get grumpy fast.

How many houses can you have in Medieval Dynasty? ›

And, you can have 130 houses, if you buy buckets and hunt yourself. Its possible. You do the math. People have to eat and yes you can hunt but you have to provide Resource storage so they can get the meat unless you feed them using the chest in their house.

Do villagers chop trees in medieval dynasty? ›

A villager assigned to gather logs from the woodshed will chop down trees that are nearby, but if there are no trees in the area, they will essentially create the logs out of nothing.

Do stumps Respawn in medieval dynasty? ›

Chopping it a second time divides it into multiple chunks which can be collected as logs. The stump can be dug up using a Shovel, which produces another log. If left intact, it will grow back into a tree after two years. Tree branches do not grow into trees.

What happens when you get old in medieval dynasty? ›

You become your heir and resume the dynasty after you die of old age.

How big was the average medieval person? ›

The longest bone in the body, the femur comprises about a quarter of a person's height. According to Steckel's analysis, heights decreased from an average of 68.27 inches (173.4 centimeters) in the early Middle Ages to an average low of roughly 65.75 inches (167 cm) during the 17th and 18th centuries.

How big would a medieval city be? ›

Answer and Explanation: Medieval towns were sized depending on population and acreage. It was usually built on about one square mile of land per 38,850 people, which was about 61 people per acre (or 150 people per hectare) in population density.

How big was the biggest medieval city? ›

During the time Marco Polo visited, Hangzhou was likely the largest city in the world, with estimates reaching two million residents. It was a huge centre of trade, connecting China by sea to the Middle East, Africa and other parts of Asia.

How do you increase building points in medieval dynasty? ›

Building technology points are gained by felling trees, mining, and constructing buildings.

How many houses can you have in medieval dynasty? ›

And, you can have 130 houses, if you buy buckets and hunt yourself. Its possible. You do the math. People have to eat and yes you can hunt but you have to provide Resource storage so they can get the meat unless you feed them using the chest in their house.

Does building location matter in medieval dynasty? ›

Once you have permission to build, you can build pretty much anywhere you want. The best village location in Medieval Dynasty is right in the center of the map, along the southern side of the river (at the top of the 'hump' on the map).

What is the best build order in medieval dynasty? ›

In Medieval Dynasty, like in life, personal shelter is the first priority, so players should start by building themselves a home. The next priority is storage, with resource storage taking precedence over food storage, as gathering supplies is meaningless if there's nowhere to put them.

How do you score 100 points in medieval dynasty? ›

The score formula is: Shot distance (meters) / accuracy % = score. It might be helpful to place a map waypoint on the target so that you know how far away you are. At 100 meters, you'll have to hit dead-center to get 100 points.

How long can medieval dynasty last? ›

Main Story830h 5m
Main + Extras1184h 6m
All PlayStyles20119h 55m

Can you sleep anywhere in medieval dynasty? ›

Player. The player can go to sleep at any time between 7 PM and 7 AM using a bed inside any house that they have built, or using a campfire that they have constructed. Regardless of when they go to sleep, they will wake up at 7 AM the next morning.

Can you build stone houses in medieval dynasty? ›

Buildings are relatively simple in Medieval Dynasty; you will only need basic materials such as logs, sticks, stones, and straw to create your first house.

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