INCREDIBLE VALUE!! The Least Expensive 2021 Newmar New Aire on the market right now!!! (11k miles!) (2023)


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Foreign today, we found a coach that I am really excited about this 2021 Newmar, new air with the Cummins 450 just became available here at the Motor Coach store in Bradenton Florida for 333 333 dollars making it the cheapest, 2021 Newmar, new air on the market.

And if you look at overall inventory for the Newmar New Era, there are not very many of these available because it's one of the most sought after motorhomes on the road today, a lot of you saw a video that I did recently where I helped my dad get a new motor home.

He chose a Newmar new air.

And that was the last New Era that came through the Motor Coach store and I helped my dad snag it before it ever hit the market.

Now this coach actually we were not supposed to film it today.

I saw it in the detail Department I had to get my hands on it.

So it has not been fully detailed for video, but I just want to give you guys a sneak preview of this coach.

It is the best color combination in my opinion that you can get on a 21, new air with the white silver and black Timeless colors, and it has a beautiful interior that matches perfectly with the exterior.

So those of you that are not familiar with the new Air.

This is hands down the nicest, 35 foot motor coach on the market today.

This coach is going to have a lot of the features that we're going to see in a Newmar King Air, all packed into a 35 foot footprint.

Being a shorter lighter coach with that Cummins 450.

It is one of the best driving motorhomes on the road I like to call this the Corvette C8 of motorhomes for two reasons one.

It drives like a sports car compared to other motorhomes out there and number two just supply and demand, it's really hard to get your hands on a new air.

There that's, one of the reasons why I helped sway my dad to buy a Newmar new air is because when it comes time for resale value, they really hold their value.

Well, they started making the new Air in 2018.

And the prices have gone up significantly the new 23, new errors are hitting on 700 000.

So with only 11 000 miles, the same Cummins, 450 that you're going to find in the new ones and all of the equipment that is in this coach.

It is an absolute buy and one of the best value motorhomes on the market.

First thing I want to point out is this paint Scheme.

This is actually metallic paints when you look closely at the black silver and gray.

Those are all metallic paints.

You've got the ten thousand pound towing capacity and there's a look at the back of that Cummins 450 there all super clean so coming around the side you're going to see it's got a higher profile with the big awnings up top something that you're not going to see in any other 30, five foot motorhome that I'm aware of I love.

The stainless strip down the side of the coach, the beautiful, new air badges.

The Chrome baggage door, handles looks like these are locked right now.

But I can just press one button.

We can unlock all of those baggage doors I like that.

Those are all locked up so Bay, one is going to have a pull out cooler again, something that we're going to see in the King Air, very high end, cooler, extremely clean it's.

Even the inside of these baggage doors are very clean.

Bay 2 is going to be a manual slide tray.

Now, this is something that I actually like I, prefer the manual slide trays over the power slide trade.

Now that is a pretty narrow slide tray.

These next space.

This is something kind of cool that Newmar does the Dual open bays.

And the way that this is made you don't have anything in the middle.

So you've got these two big slide, trays, leaving.

These dinette shears we're going to see in the interior.

Everything is very high end in this coach and here's.

The entertainment area, Samsung, TV, Bose, soundbar.

You have outlets and USB ports.

Here we have a little more storage, just utilizing all of that space.

Then this Bay behind your rear wheel is going to have a nice little storage area as well, all lined with carpet.

And then back here will house your chassis batteries.

Nice little clean Bay and I want to point out as we go around this coach, how flush these slide rooms are compared to other production motorhomes out there you're going to see like gaps, where sometimes those slide rooms hang out, but Newmar really does a good job of having those be flush.

You can see the frameless Windows all of the little details like the new bar mud flap down there.

This is a side radiator.

So some of the other new errors out there like the one that my dad bought is a rear radiator coach.

My dad's only has the 360.

So this being a Cummins 450 is going to be a big upgrade you're going to have a lot more power and then easier access to all of your belts in the back of the coach.

And that 450 in this smaller footprint is just a beast, here's your def fill and here's a look at the plumbing Bay again, like you would see in a higher end Newmar product.

We've got our exterior tank levels sensors all finished out with like a brushed aluminum look power hose, reel black and gray dump valves.

And this has not been detailed yet so we're just seeing it in the Raw condition, but there's your power, 50 amp cord, reel with the Oasis hydronic heating system and your central vac system, lots of high-end options.

Your power cord retract button is right here.

Actually so you're, not, you know bending over to wind that in you can stand out here, usually have a good line of sight at your 50 amp post, really nice location for this again.

One of those little details you're, not going to see in any other 35 foot motorhome.

So here's, a look at the other side of that full pass-through Bay.

You can see the xantrax inverters are housed here.

And without having the slide tray on this side, you have a little more height of storage.

And then this is something cool.

You have this extra door with a little spot to store your stinky Slinky and then access to that xantrax inverter and here's.

Your house battery Bank, dual sided, diesel fuel fill and your electronics Bay up front here with a generator, release and then up front.

When we pop this open, we've got the 8 KW generator with only 77 hours this coach is barely broken in.

We have a door code entry with a doorbell and check out this interior here as we come inside the coach, you can see a little spot for storage for dog, leashes or shoes all of that good stuff, but let's put the slide outs out and take a closer look inside of this coach welcome inside of the new Mar, new air.

Now we're gonna see a lot of features in this coach like we see in the king airs, the S6, the ultra luxury motorhomes, all of those details like the heated tile floors.

We have power Shades it's, got bonded Windows, your AC covers over your three rooftop.

Ac units have a beautiful texture that Newmar styling really is at the head of the production motorhome game.

So it's a very ergonomic cockpit area.

And the first thing I want to point out I'm, actually, utilizing the wireless charging station, my phone is dying at this hour of the day we've got the two cup holders over here.

Your HWH leveling controls.

Your rear view, mirror.

Everything is very simple and the Freightliner steering wheel.

Controls really remind me of a Mercedes-Benz Freightliner is owned by I think the Daimler Mercedes-Benz is I believe the parent company of Freightliner.

So there's, definitely some of that DNA integrated that's, very similar.

You got USB ports here, even though you do have the wireless charging nice large monitors and I don't know of any other, 35 foot motorhome that's going to have the big multiple monitors, very clear easy to see and I think we're gonna do another video If.

This coach has not sold by the time we get this video, live I'm, gonna come back and do another test drive video on this just because with the 450 on this chassis.

This is one of my favorite driving motorhomes it's, kind of like a sports car I call this the the C8 Corvette of motorhomes one because it drives so well.

But number two because of the supply and demand just like the seahed Corvettes are hard to get your hands on I'd say, the Newmar new errors are even harder to get your hands on and that's.

One other big reason why I told my dad to buy a Newmar new airs for resale value when it comes time to sell this, they've only been making these since 2018 and the new Newmar new errors are pushing on 700 000 new.

So this is just an incredible overall value at 333 333 dollars.

And when it does come time to sell it being the white black silver, the right color, combination, I, don't think it'll be hard to find another home for this coach you'll.

Notice your passenger is a very wide seat.

I think they call these a buddy seat.

If you want to have a furry friend, come sit next to you.

Now, you have a step cover here as well just press one button.

And now your passenger is a nice flush floor here, making it very comfortable your passenger has a navigation screen.

An extra cup holder.

Another wireless charging spot right here, outlets and USB ports, you can also control your lighting your Shades.

All from this little panel right here, a really nice setup for your passenger.

And then you've got a little bit of storage up here.

And now this coach technically.

So this is not supposed to be filmed ready, literally, we just showed up I saw this new air coming out of detail, it's supposed to go to photograph.

First, it's supposed to have a separate detail process before we touch.

It Brad's gonna have to forgive me on this one because I just I wanted to film this coach to show it to you guys, but check this out, because this tells a story microfiber towels.

And these are freshy microfiber towels.

Right here tells the story of the previous owner.

And these are not the same color, microfiber towels.

They use here at the Motor Coach store, I like finding little stuff like this tells the story of an original owner that was clean.

But you do have a nice little spot for dog, leashes dog bags that kind of stuff that is lined with carpet.

And then a little more storage here, right above your entry door and then more storage over at your driver's area for maybe gloves or whatever stuff you want to put up there.

Now, one thing I didn't point out up front here is this stitching pattern on the dash, a very high-end look we're going to see lots of those little high-end details as we come through this coach, especially you know, the slide faces with this cool, wood work with that accent lighting.

And then you do have overhead storage here above your recliners.

So an extremely comfortable recliner and I love all the little details like this accent pillow.

And then these boxes with this wood pattern over the window coverings.

And then this is something new.

You've got a lot of countertop space right here.

But over on this side, they left it open.

Just in case, you know, you might want to have a little open space to set belongings.

There nice to have that open space.

But I want to point out that you've got the flat floor slides with that same beautiful tile floor.

These are heated tile floors, where a lot of the other motorhomes, especially in the 35 foot range, you're going to see carpet on the slides.

And when we start to look at all of the seams back here, just the Craftsman at Newmar, do a great job I'm seeing another cool little feature here below the fireplace here, if you want to sweep your stuff, you've got your central vac, right there making it very easy to keep this motorhome clean.

Then of course, a nice little fireplace.

This has not been detailed yet so we're, we don't know what to expect when opening these cabinets, but you can just tell very well cared for all.

This carpet is all spotless and I love that it's lit inside of this cabinets.

So we do have daylight right now.

But at night time, when you turn the main lights on and just leave these accent lights around the faces, and the accent lights on in here, just gives it a real nice vibe in the evening.

Now, this is a great floor plan very versatile with your booth over here on your patio side.

This is typically going to be where your view is and it's got this rounded corner here.

So if you want to kick back very comfortable and a very large Booth, you know, two good sized.

People can sit here.

You've got a TV and a televator actually right here.

So really a great versatile use of this space.

We've got the big TV and I'm going to open the the shades here just to show you do the day Shades first, we've got both of them down.

You can see they're all coming down in perfect sink.

And then the nightshades will all come up.

And this is going to be a huge window here for that view, beautiful styling that Newmar uses on their buttons.

Everything is very user, friendly, very easy to use right here.

I can go to TV lift up press, one button and I can also press that on the panel over there as well.

Here, just how quiet that is and they're running machines we're in the detail Department they're running polishers in there and I've just got to point out how quiet it is inside of this motorhome I'm gonna put the night shades back down here, but lots of cool little features.

We do have storage up top here, there's a Bose sound bar again in the wrapper.

It looks like this.

Cabinet has never been opened just extremely clean carpet.

But you'll see this face.

This is part of that slide room structure.

And the way these cabinet doors cover that up to make it perception like it's, a bigger cabinet space.

But then you're, not looking at kind of that same style slide out face.

They give it those cabinet doors to break it up a little and then coming back into the galley, those beautiful cabinets.

Extend through.

You've got your Whirlpool microwave, a beautiful backsplash with the light color, countertop and then I like these true induction, cooktop covers double as a cutting board.

So if you want to chop some stuff up, you can do that easily.

And then we've shown you in other video videos, how you can take that true induction, cooktop out if you want to cook something that might stink up the motorhome, you could take that outside plug it into 110 makes it easy to clean lots of storage in this coach and lots of little high-end details in the new Air we're going to see that Dove pill construction nice deep storage here you've got the sink covers that match the countertop as well with the Dual sided, sink covers and beautiful cabinet faces.

These are like a more of a matte finish than the gloss finish I, really like that.

Matte look I know over a long time, the motorhomes a lot of times have the high gloss because it gives it reflective properties where it makes it feel bigger.

But, but these dark color, matte cabinets with the light countertops, really a Timeless color, combination, very classy.

So here we've got a big silverware drawer with the silverware dividers, very high-end.

Dovetail construction we're going to see a lot of those high-end finishes that you're not going to see in any other.

35 foot motorhome looks like the previous owners had line liners here.

I think they do probably take out this liner that the previous owners put in I think it shows that it cared very well, but Brad likes to bring these coaches back to factory condition.

The detail Department here at the motor coach stores on another level out of all of the dealerships out there that you see coaches at if a Coach came in this condition, most dealers would probably not even touch it.

But the Motor Coach store is on another level, they're going to run air hoses through here, trying to get any sawdust from the factory from the original build out they're going to do full paint correction.

Even though this is a 2021 and still in excellent condition.

The detailed apartment here at the Motor Coach store is going to still completely go through everything on another level, all of the processes here at the Motor Coach store, Next Level from the detail process to the PDI process, the delivery process when you take delivery of this coach, you can spend the night or spend several nights you'll go through an in-depth orientation, making sure you understand how to use all of the different systems.

And if you'll get a lot of the big box stores out there, they usually kick you out in a few hours where that's not how it is here at the Motor Coach store.

When you purchase a coach here at the Motor Coach store, you become a part of the Motor Coach store, family and there's.

A reason that they have almost 250 ratings on Google with a 4.9 star average very hard to obtain in this industry.

So I'm really honored to be able to represent these coaches that go through the Motor Coach store process.

It just makes my job so much easier.

You guys know where I wear my heart on my sleeve.

So if I don't like a coach, you guys are going to know it.

And if I really like a coach you're, definitely going to see so let's, keep going through this coach I'm noticing little details like the vent cover here in the kitchen with this nice wood, aesthetic piece.

And then this is a mid-bath coach.

So being a 35 foot it's, not going to have a bath and a half does have the emergency egress store.

I got to show you what they're working on right outside here in the detail department check this out guys.

You never know what you're going to find here all right.

Look at that.

Oh, nice little half million dollar Ford.

Gt Newmar is all about lighting I love the backlit mirror here, very high-end detail, a good amount of storage here in your cabinets.

And like I said, this coach hasn't been detailed so I'm, a little nervous with every cabinet that I opened, but I just have not seen anything that scared me at all beautiful tile backsplash again, solid surface, countertops I, love, the mosaic tile where you're not able to really see the drain here it's got a teak seat, a little grab handle make it a little easier to get in and out beautiful tile work.

I love, the colors that really complement that mosaic tile and a nice little Peak seat there.

And then I like that you've got the shampoo body wash and conditioner dispensers.

So you don't have to worry about bottles.

You know, fumbling around in here, while you're going down the road nice, big, large size shower, head there as well.

So and I'm noticing lots of little details, too that we're going to notice the little accent, the little floor lighting that you can leave on at night, just so you can see where you're going and then here's another Central, Vac, hookup, right there.

If you want to hook up the hoses again, more accent, lighting in the bathroom, just to give you just enough lighting at night.

And with all the accent lights on in this coach it's nice just gives it such a nice Vibe.

So it's got the Samsung Residential, Refrigerator, very clean.

It has not been detailed yet, but wanted to get you guys a look and then here's, a nice big Pantry with these slide out, trays, dovetail construction, it's, very well, lit, you know, newmart does a great job with the lighting as I mentioned.

If you want to section off your rear bedroom, if you've got guests staying out there, this nice big door, and you can just feel the high quality and I really like that.

Frosted glass, inlay.

Even when we close this door, just snaps into place, you have a nice wide door coming into your rear bedroom.

Now one of my favorite Parts about this coach is you can probably notice how much more Headroom we got here in the bedroom.

So this has the cathedral ceilings.

They started doing this in some of the bathrooms of the higher end newmars a few years ago, but when they brought out the new Air, they did this whole bedroom with a higher ceiling, just giving you a completely different feel it's got a king-sized bed.

You've got two levels of drawers, a huge Samsung TV that same beautiful slide face with that beautiful lighting a little bit of storage up top here for some of your components, every cabinet that I've been opening in this I wasn't supposed to be filming this coach until it got detailed, but there's.

Nothing scaring me as I open everything up in this coach I, like, you know, second level, I, don't know, you could probably sit down here.

I can sit down here and tie my shoes it's, just enough countertop space that some people would be able to sit there, nice, deep drawers you're going to see dub tail construction.

And then these drawers down below are going to be a little bit deeper.

We've got the washer dryer in the back of the coach Splendid stackable washer dryer.

And then we've got the large closet along the back of the coach.

You can notice how well lit it is in there.

You have a little step up here for your engine hatch.

But with that cathedral, ceiling, no big deal.

You've got those high-end shoe Cubbies like we see in the multi-million dollar motor homes.

And then you've got a safe back here and it's very easy to access this side of your closet with this cathedral ceiling, sometimes you're kind of ducking down in here.

But having that extra height really makes this much easier.

And then of course, just that beautiful accent, lighting storage up top here, you have a little Port right here for a CPAP machine, there's outlets in here.

If you want to run that through and that's set up on both sides windows on both sides of the bed, and this is something really cool that they do it's like headboard backrest.

But you can open that up.

We do have the night shades closed.

But if you want to get a look at that window, you can open that up as well, but I, like when it's all closed up just gives it a really nice feel in here.

So this coach is a great opportunity.

The best deal on a 2021, Newmar, new air in the country right now.

This coach is available for 333 333 dollars and is the cheapest, 2021, Newmar, new air on the market right now.

Not only is it the cheapest it's, the best color combination in my opinion with the white silver and black exterior and there's.

A reason that this is one of the most sought after motorhomes on the market.

So if you are a serious and qualified buyer, you can contact Bradley twate.

His information is available at the I greatly appreciate all of you that are subscribing to the channel and liking.

These videos, I hope, you're all having a great day.

Thanks again.

Thank you.

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