How to Install Aluminum Doors on a Can-Am Defender MAX (2023)

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[0:00] Hey guys! Braden here at SuperATV, and today I’m going to show you how to install SuperATV’s Aluminum Doors on this Can-Am Defender MAX. Let’s get to it!

Remove Your Factory Hardware

As you can see, our machine doesn’t have the factory door nuts and protector tubes. The first thing you need to do if you have them installed is remove all the hardware.

That hardware will be located here—two T30 torques on either side, a T30 torque here, and down here. Remove your buckle from here, as well as the bolt that runs through here. Then in the back, we want to remove the screw here, as well as the two screws here.

At this point, you should have your door net removed. We’ll go through and remove all of our hardware from this side panel. We’ll have a screw here, as well as right here, and then we’ll have three screws down through here.

Remove the Side Panel

Let’s go ahead and remove all of the hardware securing our side panel. We’ve already loosened everything, just for demonstration purposes. There’s our front side panel—we can remove it now.

Then we’ll go back to the back with the two push pins. You can just pull these out and remove the side panel, then set it aside.

(Video) How To Install SuperATV Aluminum Half Doors on Can Am Defender Max

Then, once you remove your coverage, you’ll have two bolts securing the cage to the frame of the machine. Go ahead and remove these. Again, we’ve already loosened our hardware for demonstration purposes.

[1:47] Then we’ll come up here to the front and remove these two bolts as well. Set them aside.

Remove the Center Panel

So this is our center panel—we removed it from right here. Ours has already had a set of aluminum doors, so this spot right here is cut out. On your factory side panel, you should have a little bit of an indention all the way through here. We just took a razor knife and trimmed it out as neatly and cleanly as we could.

[2:11] Once you’ve done that, this is all set and ready to be installed with the bracket.

Now we’ll grab our striker mount and then our door striker. We’ll have two jam nuts and one lock washer. The lock washer will go on, and then our jam nut. We don’t want to fully tighten anything just yet.

We’ll grab two of our small 10 mm-headed bolts out of the hardware kit. Slide our striker in just like this. It’s threaded, so we’ll just get the holes lined up. Leave this loose as well because there’s some adjustability there. It should look something like this right here.

Lower Filler Plate of the Aluminum Doors

[2:45] Next we’ll grab our lower filler plate, two M10 bolts, our threaded plate, and then two spacers. Right where we removed the cage hardware, we’ll take a spacer and slide it on there. You can do both of them at once.

Then what we’ll do is slide this bracket in here. Line it up with the holes in the frame, exactly where your cage hardware came out, just like that.

We’ll take our threaded plate and start it on there. I like to run this up about as far as I can by hand. Obviously we don’t want to tighten anything just yet, because I still have plenty of adjustments to do.

Just slide it up into position and hand tighten everything.

(Video) How to install SuperATV Aluminum Doors on Can-Am Defender

Rear Filler Plate of the Aluminum Doors

Now we’ll install our rear filler plate. Slide it right through the spot where we made the cut in our plastic, and then we’ll grab another set of our small 10 mm-headed bolts.

[4:07] Slide this into position, and as we’re sliding it into position, we’ll reach through and install our bolts. This can be a little bit tricky. You want to flex that plastic a little bit and there will be a threaded hole for both of the bolts on the frame.

It’s nice and easy—you don’t have to do any drilling, no nuts or anything like that.

Once our bolt is started and straight, we’ll fully tighten the bracket.

Install the Rear Striker

Next, we’ll install our rear striker. Put your nut on, slide it through. Then grab two of our small 10 mm-headed bolts. Put this screw back in. So we’ll get that in there and go ahead and tighten it up.

[5:00] As you can see here, there are two threaded holes in the frame. That’s what we’re trying to line it up with. So once we’re lined up, we’ll take our hardware and slide it into position. Get our hardware started and just hand tighten these again, that way we can move it if need be.

Now we’re going to grab our rear filler plate, just like we did in the front. Drop the bolts through the spacers. Slide them through the holes in the frame, then grab our threaded plate and install it.

[6:00] Run those up until they’re really close to being tight, but you can still move this bracket around.

Reinstall the Rear Panel

Next, we’re going to reinstall our rear panel. Slide it into position and install our push pins. Then we’ll grab our last filler plate for the driver’s side and our small M10 hardware, then we’ll install it right into the factory threaded holes.

You don’t have to tighten anything yet because we may have to do some adjusting.

(Video) How to Install Doors on a Can-Am Defender / Half Door Panel Step-By-Step Guide

Install the Strap on Your Aluminum Doors

Next, we’re going to grab our door strap and install it to the two threaded holes on the door. Make sure we have our washer installed.

Make sure it’s tight, then we’ll repeat the same steps for the rear door, and then we’re ready to get our front door installed.

Install the Front Doors

Slide the door into position—you want to slide it behind this bracket, that way we can get our hardware through and threaded. Grab four of our Allen-headed screws and slide our door up in the position where we can start our hardware. Then we’ll grab two small 10 mm-headed bolts and start these here.

[7:55] All of the bracketry will probably be a little loose still, and that’s fine. We don’t want to fully tighten anything just yet.

Now we’ll be checking its clearance around our door. First, I want to move my latch up just a little bit. I’ll pick up on the door and latch it, then hold it there. That looks pretty good to me.

After that, we’ll hold up on the door and start tightening the hardware up.

[8:41] The door still needs to come up a little bit, so I’m going to pick up on the door itself. Then I’ll come back here and tighten the two big bolts running through our cage.

I usually just take a 14 mm ratchet wrench—that should hold it for us. And then put our two 10 mm bolts in there as well, and then our last bolt.

Now we’re kind of snug around here, so right there the door’s closed and latched. You can see with one finger it opens really nicely, and when you close it, it latches really good. So I’m going to go through and fully tighten all my hardware on my front door, and then we’ll work our way back to the rear door.

Install the Rear Doors

[9:27] Moving onto the rear, the process is super similar. You just want to slide your door in here and latch it, then we’ll get all four of our Allen-headed screws started back in the rear.

(Video) How to Install Thumper Fab Can-Am Defender Half Doors

We won’t fully tighten anything just yet—we’re going to run these in a little bit of the way. That just helps us hold everything in position.

Once we have our door latched, we’ll take two small 10 mm bolts and slide them into the bracket. Start them like we did in the front. And if everything latches, we’ll start tightening these bolts up here. That’ll hold everything in position.

The door is opening and closing good, so go ahead and tighten the bolts back here. Now we need to go back and tighten the two bolts that go through the frame, just like we did in the front. Also, we’ll check our door and make sure it closes good.

We’ll take our hardware and start reinstalling it for our center. Open it up and put the rest of the hardware in.

Make Your Final Adjustments to Your Aluminum Doors

At this point, you want to go through and make sure everything’s opening and closing good—just make sure all your adjustments are correct. Our adjustments may be different than the ones you’re going to make on your machine, so keep that in mind.

Everything looks good on our end so we’ll just double check all of our hardware and make sure everything’s good and snugged up. Once you have your driver’s side done—or passenger side, it doesn’t matter—make sure you repeat all the same steps for the opposite side.

[11:45] Double check everything—double check your hardware and make sure everything’s opening and closing good.

And that’s how super quick and easy it is to install SuperATV’s Aluminum Half Doors on this Can-Am Defender MAX. For more information on these aluminum doors or any of SuperATV’s great products, feel free to give us a call today at 855-743-3427 or check us out online at

Thanks for watching and we’ll catch you next time!


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