How to CONSISTENTLY win at 1/3 NLH Cash Game | Poker Vlog Cash Game in Las Vegas 21 (2023)


What did you guys think about how I played? Not very proud of it in this vlog, but… Let me know in the comments!

For our Poker Vlog number 21, we are gonna be playing a game at the WSOP, Paris and/or Bally’s (Ballys), Las Vegas!

Paris Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas, is a place with a lot of action and a lot of poker tables, so it's definitely worth checking it out. It's one of the best casinos in Las Vegas to play poker and I've seen a lot of other Poker Vloggers recording it in this room. If you're thinking about going to Las Vegas to play Poker, and you are looking for places with good action, Paris is definitely a good place to go, since a lot of the best poker vloggers like Brad Owen, Rampage, Andrew Neeme, Wolfgang Poker, Poker Profit, Next Gen Poker, Lex O Poker, Mariano and many others have played here before and you might see one of them while here (including me, Pedro Rigo Poker Vlogger Lol) :).

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About me:
Hey guys, my name is Pedro Rigo and I'm a cash game poker player and recently poker vlogger living in Las Vegas, Nevada. My focus used to be playing online poker, playing mostly cash game. In the last few months I have been grinding in live poker at the area of Los Angeles and Las Vegas, playing exclusively cash games.

In this Poker Vlog, I'm going to present you hands similar to other of the best poker vloggers like Brad Owen, Rampage, Andrew Neeme, Wolfgang Poker, Poker Profit, Lex O Poker and Mariano. My focus is going to be in cash games in the area of Los Angeles, in casinos like Hustler Casino, Commerce Casino, Hollywood Park Casino, Hawaiian Gardens Casino and The Bicycle Casino and also Las Vegas where I play in the casinos on the strip like Wynn (Encore) Las Vegas, Bellagio, Aria, Rio during the World Series of Poker (WSOP), Resorts World, Caesars Palace, and many others Poker Rooms.

This is my most newest Poker vlog, or like some would say, my most recent Poker Vlog, so I hope you guys enjoy! :)

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Hey guys today, i'm gon na be talking a little bit about what i think.

It's the most important things to learn in and improving your game, to win out of one three and through five, more consistently uh.

Definitely something that i think everybody should improve.

I'M gon na be talking about that in the end of the video and also there's gon na have another video of this this week.

Both are gon na be on the paris during the wsop and i'm gon na be sharing some tips at the end of the video so make sure to subscribe.

So you don't miss those all right, see you guys at the parish.

So, for the first hand of the night we look down at pocket.

Jacks from the small blind lojack opens to 12 after two limps hijack calls cut off calls and being this small blind uh, i never want to call and play out of position with jax against.

So many opponents, so i go ahead and squeeze to 81 bucks and only the hijack calls, which is kind of weird right.

He called calling the squeeze after not too bad in preflop.

So when the flop comes 1099, i'm pretty confident that we have the best hand most of the time.

So i go ahead and see bet for 75 dollars and he votes.

So it's nice to start the session, winning a big pot a few orbits later.

The strato is on.

You can start off both from under the gun and button in this game.

In this case it was the under the gun and the button raises to 20 bucks.

I go ahead and three bet to 76 from the small blind, the straddler.

There is the under the gun, player calls and the button votes.

I'M not super excited because code, calling ranges are usually very strong, but flop comes ace, deuce, four, with one club i check he go ahead and bat around half pot 90 bucks, nothing.

I can do.

I didn't squeeze with ace jack to fold, so i call turn brings a dose of clubs a great one right, because now, if we are playing against a hand like ace king or a screen, we have additional outs.

So the straddle goes ahead and goes all in.

For a little over 100 bucks, i snap call, i mean nothing, i can do.

I have a really strong hand and after i check it twice, i'm really underwrapping my hand.

So when the river comes at five of clubs, i go ahead and announce straight away that i have a flush.

I could request to see his cards, but there is no reason for that.

Guys, like i think it's just good etiquette.

Like i know, i have the nuts here right, like he, never has a full house, so i just don't want to slow roll him.

Even though i can get some information, i think it's just not good for the game.

We are on this mile blind again and we look down at pocket aces.

I mean i guess: we've got to keep squeezing so low jack hope is 10.

Hijack calls cut off calls, i go ahead and squeeze against 75 dollars.

Lojack now raises shoot 250 only leaving 180 or so behind.

Everybody else, votes and honestly he's my good friend of mine, and i told him that i think it was a mistake of his part, because when he makes that big, if i jam, he has to call right because he's gon na have to call 180 for a Pot, that's gon na have 900 bucks, so i think once he four bets for this size he's pretty much committed and i don't think it's the best size for him.

So, for these reasons i go ahead and jam.

He calls and shows pocket jacks.

The board runs out and we win so cannot complain, but just decide to include this one, because we have been running good today, also guys just a quick reminder.

I'M gon na be posting two videos this week, they're both gon na be from the paris cash games.

So make sure to subscribe, so you don't miss the next one, all right up to the next hand, this next hand we look down at a7 off suit from the button the strato is on and we are the straddler on the bottom.

Big blind raises to 20 bucks, everybody else votes and i call flop - comes jack, seven six rainbow he see bets for 15, a small sizing.

I think i cannot fault just yet with second pair, so i call turn brings a four of diamonds.

It goes check check.

Now, i'm feeling more confident about my hand and river brings a jack of diamonds and when he bets half pot 35 bucks when the jacks pairs, it's less likely that he has a jack.

I think i got sticky with my hand, but i thought he could be batting a hand similar to ours.

So i go ahead and call i don't know if it's good or not, but he shows us jack nine of clubs, so we lose a small.

One cannot complain right when we are winning the big ones and losing these moments.

We really cannot complain so in this hand, the low jack limps and we look down on the hijack to ace jack off suit.

We go ahead and raise you 15, but the cutoff calls small blind calls.

Low jack calls so four ways to a flop, which comes far three three rainbow when it checks to me.

I could go for a c bet, but what i was thinking is being multi-way out of position.

I'M probably gon na check my whole range and if i have a hand like let's say, pocket, jacks pocket dance, i'm probably gon na go for a check race.

So that's what i do with most of my range, no reasons too bad with this jack i check and cut off checks back turn brings an interesting one, a five of diamonds and now with a gunshot and two overs once he checks to us, i go ahead And bet half bot because, like i said since i'm checking a lot on the flop, i'm gon na have all these over pairs on the turn, and i want to start batting with them.

So i bet 30 bucks cut off calls small blind calls.

River brings a seven of hearts, small blind checks again and kind of an interesting spot.

I could go for a bluff with my hand but uh being against you.

People, i'm not super excited, so i go ahead and give up and check, and now they cut off bets 75 dollars, which is kind of odd right.

What hand is he really representing, but after the small blind calls, there is no way i'm ever calling with ace high here.

So i fold, small blind shows, pocket, nines and cut off was indeed bluffing, so he shows queen jack of suited.

One interesting thing about the wsop is that chopping is not allowed when he falls to us on the small blind with a screen off pretty standard race.

We race to eleven dollars and big blind calls.

Flop comes five, three dose, which is not bad at all.

For blind versus blind, but i decide to check here being out of position.

I wan na protect my checking range, so i check and he bets 20 bucks so almost bought.

I go ahead and call nothing i can do just yet.

Turn brings an ace of spade.

So now we are very excited about our hand and i check again and he checks back river comes a six of diamonds.

I mean he brings a one-liner choice rate, but let's be honest: what for does he or me really have here? So i go for a bet of 50 bucks and his nap calls, which is not a good sign.

I show, and he shows us six dose of hearts for a river two pair, nothing you could do.

I guess i think it's well played by the both of us.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments we are on the straddle again on the button and look down my queen for off suit.

So a lot of people limp, we check.

Flop comes jack85 checks through and that's mainly the reason why it doesn't have a footage of this end because i thought nothing would happen.

But then a queen of diamond comes on the turn.

So after one of the blinds bets 10 bucks, i go ahead and call right it's less than half pot and a half top pair.

I think i'm good a lot of the times here and then a jack of diamond comes on the river and he bets 30 bucks.

I could go for a call again could go for default.

I don't know, i think, i'm just under wrapping my hand, and i have such such a bad hand that i don't really wan na raise or do anything else.

So i just decided to call - and he shows us queen ein, which means the ninth place, so he wins this one, nothing i can do.

I guess.

What do you guys think? Should i photo pair in the river this hand, we look down at five for suited on the cutoff.

I go ahead and raise 12 bucks button.

Calls big bang calls 37 dollars on the pot checks to me.

I decide to check this time and possibly go for a check race now button bats 20, bucks, big blind calls and honestly, i think this is going to be one of our best uh raising as a bluff candidates, because we have a very disguised open ender.

I mean a three or a seven gives us a straight and also if a spades comes on.

The turn is a really good card for us to keep barreling.

So with all that in mind, i go ahead and raise it up to 75 bucks button, folds and now big blind tanks and faults.

It's really nice to take down the pot with only five high, and i just decided to include this one, because it shows that sometimes in dry boards, like this, you got ta find bluffs that are creative, and i think this one is one of the best examples.

In that another bluff candidate could be 97 suited with the backdoor flush draw and i think that's actually probably a better one, because it blocks 9.


Eight seven seven six, but i don't know what do you guys think you think my my bluff is too ambitious here or you think it's okay.

Let me know in the comments in this hand, i look down at a6 off suit from the big blind and, as i've explained chopping is not allowed, so small blind raises to eleven dollars.

I call could go for a three bet, but i don't know honestly, my blind versus blind game is not the best, so i cannot make an opinion on it.

Let me know what you guys think, but nothing of that matters when the flop comes ace.

Nine five.

We flop top pair and for blind versus blind.

This is a really good hand.

He bets 15 dollars, which is around two thirds.

I go ahead and call turn brings a five of spades.

He checks, i mean, i see no reason to too bad just now.

I think uh we're basically targeting a worse ace that we're chopping or a nine, so i think we can check back and probably bat river or call almost any river bat jax checks and the river brings a tree of diamonds that doesn't change anything.

He goes ahead and bats 15.

I think he cannot ever race here.

So i go ahead and snap call and he shows us 109 suited, so we win this one.

So this hand is actually a really crazy one guys.

I look down at four.

Do the soft suit from the button this thread is on i'm the straddler and after three limbs from big blind, hijack and cut off, i go ahead and check.

I'M not even recording at this point, because you know it's four doors off, there's no way.

I'M gon na make a hand right so 25 bucks in the pot, which comes seven five three, so we flop an open, ender hijacked bets ten dollars cut off calls, and even though i think this is a spot that we could raise uh, i don't really want To do it, i have four dudes off right, even though i have an open ender.

I i'm really not excited about my hand.

I just go ahead and call, but turn brings an ace of diamond a beautiful ace of diamonds.

Now going three-way the hijacked bets, 25 bucks cut off calls again and having the absolute nuts i mean pretty much the nuts right, i'm only losing to six for suited.

I go ahead and raise it up to 85 bucks hijacks.

Now, thanks for a long time and three bets us on the third to 225 dollars, leaving only 100 behind cut off folds and honestly i mean this could be a spot that he's so value heavy.

Like i mean, let's be honest guys who the [ __ ] is bluffing here with a three bet on the turn.

Nobody is so yeah.

I think, even though i'm gon na run into six four suited a lot of the times here i mean i'm never voting.

I have pretty much the best hand that i could ever have here apart from 6'4, and i don't know i don't think it can do a crazy fold with the second nuts.

So i just go ahead and jam.

I four by the turn basically for his remaining 100 snap, calls and show us a good nails pocket fives, so we're winning.

We just have to avoid the board pairing and yeah.

A nate of spades comes on the river, so it's a pretty bad beat and especially because there was only 25 bucks on the flop, and now there is 700 bucks on the turn, which is kind of crazy right.

But we are running pretty good.

We cannot complain when you get a bad beat so being a little bit tilted that we got this bad beat.

We look down pocket fours from the hijack low jack opens to ten and honestly.

This is a fold right, there's not a flat, there's, not a race but being tilted.

I go ahead and raise it to 30 bucks and now cut off cold calls and low check calls as well.

Flop comes three three twos, which is pretty good flop for my range and my hand right when you have pocket force.

What else are you expecting to appear on the flop, so i go ahead and see that for 35 bucks cut off calls and hijack folds, and now i'm thinking that a range that code calls a three bet and calls this flop bet.

It's gon na have a lot of over pairs, so i'm pretty much done until a beautiful four of hearts comes on the turn, so we have the absolute nuts right apart from pocket trees, we go ahead and check and he checks back and i think another thing That is important to say is he has around 200 bucks in his stack, so even if we check turn, we can put all the money in on the river.

That's what we're planning to do.

So when the river comes at nine of clubs, we go ahead and over bet gems for 200 effective and he goes into the tank for a long time, almost two minutes thinking and then he calls we show him and you know we get.

Thus, those disgusting looks that with three bad pocket fours, but you know sometimes you just run good.

You get a bad beat in one hand, the very next hand you run good and bad beat another person, that's just how poker is you cannot get upset about it? So the next hand we looked out six for suited on the button.

It falls to us.

We go ahead and raise your twelve dollars and the big bang calls flop comes pretty favorable one, seven, six, four, with two diamonds.

We go ahead and see that for 12 dollars and now big blind raises to 35 bucks.

I mean we have bottom two.

We have a really good hand, especially because we're still dominating value like pocket eights and it's very easy to find bluffs in this spot right.

He could have a hand like, let's say, ace, five or six five suited that it's a pair plus an open ender.

So nothing we can do and just call.

But then the turn comes at three of clubs and now he checks it's a really really bad turn.

So we're not super excited and just check back, but then river changes when he brings a six of hearts, a really really really good one for us.

So after he checks, i think in this spot uh he has a five he's, calling no matter the size of the bet and if he has a full house that you know raised on the flop, let's say pocket sevens.

I mean take my money right.

What i'm gon na do so i go ahead and overbat, because my range is pretty capped here, so i'm gon na have a lot of bluffs, and even if i have a five, i want him to have a really tough spot, so i maybe can get him Out of a chop, if i have a five so for all these reasons i don't know if they're the best ones or not, but i make it 120 and he falls so we take down the spot to finish the session with a very nice profit.

So uh really good session, even though we had that bad beat with the four dudes off suit, uh still good, but let's go to the tips right.

So i think the most important thing that i would say guys is focus in what happened more often and what happens more often in poker pre-flop so make sure you're not making any or almost any pre-flop mistakes.

I see so so so so many pre-flop mistakes playing one three and and is even us, two five and above and think about that.

I have a friend who plays really high stakes online.

He plays against the best in the world and he was here in vegas during the wsop, and he told me that, even in 1020 at bellagio he saw people regulars doing mistakes pre-flop.

So if regulars are doing mistakes pre-flop at 10, 20, i'm sure that all of us are also doing it at one three, two five and even five ten.

So i think uh main thing is take consideration.

The rake adjust the preflop ranges accordingly and it's gon na improve uh how you play by a lot just by adjusting the pre-flop uh.

There is also another few things, but let's save it for the next video that is going to come up later this week and make sure to subscribe.

So you don't miss that all right so see you guys later this week you


How do you beat cash games? ›

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As shown in the poker hand rankings chart, the order of poker rankings (from the highest to the lowest) is: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, High Card.

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Andrew Beal has by far the greatest net worth out of all poker players. While some exceptionally large amounts of money can be won in poker, you'd have to win a fair few high rollers to challenge Beal's net worth. The American is estimated to have a net worth of $9.71 billion as of 2022.

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Make bets based on the odds.

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What is the 42 rule in poker? ›

The 4-2 Rule is a way of turning how many outs you have into your odds of hitting them. It's 4 times on the flop to hit on the turn or river, and simply multiply 2 on the turn to hit your draw on the river. E.g., a flopped flush draw is nine outs. Multiply this by 4, and the odds of hitting it by the river are 36%.

What hand wins most often in poker? ›

The Royal Flush is always ranked as the top winning hands in poker. A straight flush is the next highest followed by quads (four-of-a-kind), a Full House and so on.

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Metaphorical uses. In some card games the card suits have a dominance order, for example: club (lowest) - diamond - heart - spade (highest).

What is the number 1 in poker? ›

In Poker, the Ace is the highest card and the 2 card (Deuce) is the lowest. However, the Ace can also be used as a low card, with the value of 1.

Can you make a living playing cash game poker? ›

That's one of the most common questions that aspiring poker players ask themselves and their poker friends. What's the real answer? Yes, you definitely can make a considerable amount of money and even make a living playing poker.

Who is the luckiest poker player? ›

Poker star Phil Ivey

He has presented hundreds of near-impossible best bluffs in history that no one else has managed to pull off.

Which online games actually pay out? ›

Here are the best games that actually pay real money:
  • Blackout Bingo for best overall.
  • Pool PayDay for unlimited practice.
  • Bingo Cash for daily gifts and bonuses.
  • Mistplay for gamers.
  • 21 Blitz for card game.
  • Swagbucks for earning opportunities.
  • InboxDollars for referral program.
  • Bingo Clash for beginners.
May 15, 2023

How do I borrow money from Cash App? ›

Cash App's Borrow feature is easy to use for those with access to the loan feature.
  1. Open Cash App.
  2. Look for the word "Borrow" either on the home screen or on the Banking screen.
  3. Select "Borrow" if it's available. ...
  4. Click "Unlock" to request a loan. ...
  5. Request the amount you need.
  6. Read and accept the loan agreement.
Apr 29, 2023

How to make $100 at a casino? ›

That's just the challenge of how casino games work, and so it's best to be upfront about that possibility.
  1. Play Lower Volatility Games. ...
  2. Find a Lower Minimum Bet. ...
  3. Reduce Your Lines. ...
  4. Play Games that Spin Slower. ...
  5. Seek Out Older Games. ...
  6. Play Games With Lengthy Bonuses. ...
  7. Let the Game Do Its Thing. ...
  8. Walk Around More.

Can you make $100 a day gambling? ›

But you can still get reasonable thrills out of putting $100 into an even-money bet. Whether you're looking to make $100 in a day in sports betting or, like Revell, at the casino, it can be done. But I would advise thinking carefully about your actions before choosing the kamikaze approach.

How do casinos pay big winners? ›

Larger winnings may be paid as a lump sum or periodically as an annuity. Some casinos don't give gamblers an option for how winnings are paid. If you receive an annuity, you can convert it to a lump sum by selling it — but you will not receive the full value of your winnings.

How can I get better at cash games? ›

  1. Table selection is key.
  2. Follow proper bankroll management.
  3. Know your preflop hand ranges by position.
  4. Bluff, but don't over-bluff.
  5. Be aggressive.
  6. Choose the right bet sizes.
  7. Put Your Opponent(S) On Ranges.
  8. Play games where you have an edge.
Sep 7, 2022

What is GTO poker strategy? ›

Game theory optimal, or GTO poker strategy, is a strategy that seeks complete balance in the game, making your plays 100% unexploitable by your opponents. This style of poker is the exact opposite of the exploitative poker strategy, which most players from the older generations employ.

How to beat 6 max cash games? ›

The best way to win in 6-max games is to value bet heavily with your strong holdings because the most prevalent leak in weaker games is that players love to call. They just can't help it. This makes betting for value more profitable than it would otherwise be, and slow-playing much less effective.

How do you beat small stakes cash games? ›

As a 10+ year small stakes poker pro myself, these are my top 15 guaranteed ways to crush the small stakes poker games.
  1. Tight is Always Right. ...
  2. Position is Your Best Friend in Poker. ...
  3. You Gotta Confuse the Good Players. ...
  4. Float the Flop and Take It Away on the Turn. ...
  5. You Have to Table Select Like a Pro. ...
  6. Thin Value Betting is Key.

Can you really win cash playing online games? ›

Video games rarely pay you directly. However, you can win real money by playing in video game tournaments, farming out characters you've leveled up, or becoming a Twitch streamer. In one extreme case, superstar gamer Tyler Blevins, known as Ninja, has made about $10 million from playing online video games.

Who is the most successful cash game poker player? ›

1. Justin Bonomo aka ZeeJustin. Justin Bonomo is the biggest winner in poker based on tournament results. His record includes a bevy of WSOP bracelets, Triton titles and EPT honours.

What is the 6-max strategy? ›

The correct 6-max poker strategy is to play looser than you would in a full ring game (open 20% of hands) and make more bluffs and wider call downs. This means that in a 6-max game you should be playing a lot more speculative hands like suited connectors and suited aces as well.

How to beat NL25? ›

So without further ado, here are the keys to beating NL25.
  1. Tight and Aggressive Style is Still The Way to Go. ...
  2. Mix it Up With a Loose and Aggressive Style. ...
  3. Pay Close Attention to Your Table Selection. ...
  4. Have a Proper Bankroll for 25NL. ...
  5. Start Paying Attention to the Mental Game.

What is a no limit cash game? ›

In "no limit" poker cash games, some cardrooms have a maximum buy-in for cash games. In limit poker games, there is seldom a maximum buy-in because betting limits already limit the amount a player can wager on each hand.

Should you play tight in cash games? ›

A tight-aggressive style works because it gives you an almost immediate advantage over your opponents – you will generally be playing stronger hands than they do. That means you'll make stronger hands post-flop too. You'll be value betting more and bluffing less. There's no mystery to a tight-aggressive style.

Can I make a living playing 1 2 poker? ›

Well, here is the short answer: Playing $1/$2 poker for a living is hard. And it is pretty difficult to make more than about $20 an hour. However, for a small amount of people with the right discipline and work ethic, it would be possible to make a living playing 1/2 no limit at the casino.

What does float the flop mean? ›

One definition is used when, after a player raises preflop and continuation bets the flop, the preflop caller calls the flop continuation bet with a weak hand with the intention of bluffing the turn or river to win the pot. This is called “floating the flop.”

Who is the richest casino player in the world? ›

Bryn Kenney – $56 Million

He is number one on the list of the players with the highest tournament earnings ever, with winnings of over $55 million.

Who is the richest female poker player? ›

Women's All Time Money List - Top 15,186
1stUnited StatesVanessa Selbst
2ndUnited StatesKathy Liebert
3rdCanadaKristen Foxen
4thUnited StatesMaria Ho
5thUnited StatesAnnie Duke
108 more rows

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