Exploiting the building limit! Medieval Dynasty - S2 P34 (2023)


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Europe in the early Middle Ages -- Nobles and clergy rule and the trade between nations brings prosperity as well as envy, distrust, and greed. Military conflict is everywhere and entire continents are changing.
In Medieval Dynasty, you take on the role of a young man who has fled from war and wants to take his fate into his own hands. From being alone, inexperienced and poor you will develop into a master of many skills, a leader of your community and the founder of a prosperous dynasty which is meant to last and prosper for generations to come. Defending against wild animals while hunting for food, gathering resources and crafting equipment, building a house and erecting a whole bustling village while founding a family all contribute to a unique gameplay experience across many genres. Tough winters and unexpected events challenge your skills and dexterity as you strive to build your own legacy.
You can choose to follow the main chapters, solve the questlines or just roam around and explore the vast medieval world – but be careful as wolves or bears may try to take a bite from you... Begin with the simplest things for your own survival like hunting and farming as well as building yourself a home. Found a family and have a heir - entice others to live near and work for you, erect many other buildings to transform your settlement into a vibrant village and, ultimately, a thriving dynasty that will reign for generations.
A massive medieval open 3D world awaits… Be aware of harsh winters and unexpected events while honing your skills to turn from a medieval survivor into the ruler of a dynasty. Grab your axe, hammer, or hunting bow - and craft your legacy!
Beautiful and realistic open world 3D landscape with state-of-the-art graphics
Full 4 seasons with day/night cycle and realistic weather conditions
Interactive environment with trees to fell, various fruit to pluck, stones to collect, caves to explore and many more
18 different buildings with various levels from hay shacks to full stone mansions
Over 60 pieces of equipment to craft, including weapons, tools, furniture and clothing
Realistic wildlife interaction with plenty of different animals such as wolves, wild boars, deer, rabbits and others
All activities will impact on food, water, health and endurance status
Detailed skill tree for individual character development
Unique events and decisions with direct impact on gameplay
Dynasty reputation system triggering events with the king
Quests, trade and economy, sandbox option, social connections to NPCs and many more


Hello, everyone and welcome back to the channel and welcome back to another morning, where I'm trying to chat up all the ladies to get myself a wife and that's, not working, uh, you know, I like you a lot that doesn't work, beautiful eyes, I'm, pretty sure quite strong, doesn't work, uh, well, really, at least it was all zeros, that's a positive.

I suppose there is one more lady that we can chat up, uh, leopolda, let's, see how you want to do? Am I your honesty plus two, I mean, that's, a start.

You have an amazing dress.


She has a dress, fine.

Welcome back to the channel.

Welcome back to some more medieval dynasty.

And welcome back to me failing getting another wife.

Good news is I realize that was his face, not very good tamir, they're, not very good person he's.

I've moved into the being in the innkeeper because he's so garbage at everything he is good at crafting and that's what we need for our in-keep skills.

And if we go to there I'm thinking, we just adjust this slightly.

So here we have this working skill power of five now and stu.

We need meat and carrots, yep, I'm thinking, we need less roasted fish at the moment more.

If we do 50 there, 30 on roasted meat, and then is it stew, nice meat with gravy, that's, the one roasted meat and onions cool 20 on that.

So no resources that's, fine.

You'll eventually, get some roasted meats.

That is not a problem.

So that's gonna help out there.

The next thing is.

So where else are we missing? Where is food storage resources, barn don't, really need anyone there goose house? We've got no juices and that's it.

So I am going to go make myself a yeah, what'd.

You call it a another excavation shed.

And with that, hopefully I'm going to be able to, um be.

I've got enough skill points to make the wood shed too.

I was words, why are words so hard for me today? I mean, they're always hard for me if I'm honest, but they're extremely hard for me at the moment, why why game why do you do this to me it's? Because you want to make me look like an idiot it's, not the game it's just me being an idiot, that's, fine, right? So that can go in there there's.

No rot in here is there? No, I think we cleared that out there's some salt in there, yay, can you bag it off I'm in a hurry? Move stupid, peasants, uh, we're going over here.

Now, drop some more stuff off.


I shall see you over at the excavation area, and I shall be having some fun.

There I'm just looking for stuff to put away to clear up some inventory and fur that can be gone as well.



Let me see you over at the mine so that I can build another excavation shed, and then we'll hire we'll, put one of the workers there.

And then hopefully we'll have enough to build the woodshed too so we'll, replace the woodshed that's in there and we'll be making progress a lot of progress.


So, uh, no, that's.

The wrong building completely wrong.




No wrong thing.

Dude, uh, resources, that's.

The woodshed there we go excavation shed.

So yeah, might as well, put it next to one another that's, fine by me.

And then I did bring up that.

Yes, I did so logs.

I think I'm gonna need a few more.

And there was me thinking, I haven't got enough.

Sorry, sorry.

I got too many.

I did remember to bring some straw with me though so that is good.

I just need to go find some logs.

So it's all looking good.

I think there's some trees behind us.

Actually, which is amazing.

How many do we need needs I'm hearing something it's? Not a bear is it? I know, it's you.


Look at you.

So we need.

Uh, 3 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11.


So there's.

The hammer, how many trees are near us? Not enough basically not enough.

So if that's three, this is six and I need seven.

So I need to find one more holy cow.

What the hell is going on here? No, no there we go.

I fell on my face.

It's, good, I'm.

Superman, uh, oh, this is giving this four actually, look at that.

I think it's given it has given me four.

So I've got four showing up in the top corner, this one's falling in an awkward position, um, did I hit it? I did one two three.

Look at that.

Four again, I'll, take it love.


Enjoy it that's enough.

So we don't have enough.

I need three more.

Yeah, can't.

Count apparently cannot count.

Uh, I think the nearest trees are around this way.

I think, yeah.

So I remember having to cut these down to build the first excavation shed.

I only need to chop down one tree.

So that's, fine, no point carrying any more because I'll carry some stone back with me, most likely that's given me four, of course, it does carry an extra weight around it's, fine, though it's, totally fine I'll, probably turn it into firewood.

So that is the second excavation shed built we'll get our best miner up here.

And then I'm kind of hoping that we have enough points, not quite how many points are we away from getting the wood sheds about 25 points.

So if we cut down 25 trees, I think that's enough, or we can mine some rocks and get some iron.

No I'm thinking first off management, uh, yeah, leopolda, actually, herbert.

You can come up here because I want the better f, um excavator in the woodsheds.

So that we get more woods, basically and therefore more firewoods that is how I want to work.

But there we go.

We've given you a job of mining that means we're going to get loads and loads of resources.

Ah, too much.

I can still move.

I can't run, uh, log sticks stones.

I could make a couple of.

Yeah, let's make a couple of torches.

I we're just one torch and a few other things that lighten us.

And then I shall head home.

I think, okay.

So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna chop down trees until I get to the level I need to have the woodshed too.

So we are currently at 2482.291, that's, very, precise, numbering, um, uh.

We've actually gone up because of our wood, sheds, chopping, chopping stuff down so that's, really handy.

So two, four, eight, two, two, four, eight, two.

So we now are at two four eight, three so we're, getting one for chopping down.

The three do I get another point for doing this, uh, 2.83, no and chopping.

It up let's just pick all these up.

So I don't lose them, I'm, not going to chop down 25 trees and no it's actual fact we don't even need to do that.

We just literally need to chop down the trees, which is less than 20 now actually.

So and then we'll collect them afterwards, I might even just turn it all into no I'm going to need them for the actual build anyway.

So this is fine so it's, not going to take me too long, in fact, we're probably about halfway there already, um, yep, that's, not a tree yet and doesn't matter what trees we chop down all trees must die.

Oh, how the hell did I miss that my axe went clean through the tree right? Just a few more come on come on there.

We go woodshed to unlocked that is awesome.

So does it tell me how much it costs to build it? No, it does not that sucks it's going to be quite big.

So what we're going to do is gather what we can and take it up to storage it's, probably the best option because there's a lot of trees here and I'm thinking, I'm gonna need most of them for the the roof because that's gonna require planks.

So yeah, at some point, we're gonna get encumbered though so okay, a couple more on we're.


There you go.

I've got two trees for one then there's, another, log there's, another, log I'm gonna lose logs in all this.

This is the problem.

Ah, didn't, quite get two for one there.

We go got two for one that time.

Oh, wow, just realize how heavy we are.


So let's move back let's.

Move on and let's.

Um, go drop it all off.

And what do I do next? I need some food.

So I want to stop by the tavern, get some food and then we're going to drop the wood off and then go back and pick the rest up.

And then we're gonna go build the woodsheds that's.

The plan.

Okay, so we found a spot for it.

And we also have the hammer there.

It is equip it on one.

What are we needing? Oh, I haven't actually needed that much just a few.

Well, I I okay.

I've yeah, I've got like all this wood here.

I need some planks.

I've got some in here, um from a previous build.

I think that's it.

Okay, well, you know what that is fine having an easy build for once is really handy.

Yep, six planks.

I think we're done well.

Now that does mean that we've got more storage space.

So we can put, um, yeah, I'm gonna put those in there we'll sort the other one out in a second let's first off sort out our well, you're gonna become first person there.

So, whereas it would shed two, yep, two employees that is good lumberjack.

And then where is our other lumberjack lumberjack, cyborg, pretty sure you were my first employee so would shed one to woodshed two as a lumberjack lumberjack awesome.

So that means they've got a combined skill of for the woodshed two of six.

And what do we want them to do? We want them to we don't want sticks.

We don't care about sticks at all firewood that's, what we want firewood.

So 50 logs 50 firewoods, and we will make the planks as and when we need them, which is probably not going to be very often in all fairness from now on.

Um, one thing I will do I might as well empty this out that's for sure empty that out and we're going to delete this, because I don't do I keep it around because it would mean that we can have.

Yeah, I think we keep it around for now that we can have a third people.

Third person doing something over here.

And do I make firewood.

Yes, sorry, let's make firewood 28 fire woods.

So it's, 28 times, 4 that's, 80 million firewood that should mean that we don't run out of firewood anytime soon we are thirsty, but I think we're gonna be okay to not go back and get some drink before the end of spring, and we will reset at the beginning of summer.

So I shall see you at the beginning of summer, because I just realized I can't really carry all this back it's gonna way too much.

I would say, okay.

So, oh, we failed the little garden.

Quest that's right? Never mind.

I don't care, um, it's, not a problem iron hair.

Okay, we'll.

Keep those on us for the moment.

Yeah, that's.

Fine right.


Go talk to people.

Let's, go talk to women and see what we can do for them leopolda.

You are a beautiful lady.

Marry me.

Now, um, plus ten.


What one was that I wasn't really paying attention, um, hunting, plus ten shapely, figure, plus five.

I just doesn't wanna talk to anymore, fine.

Well, we made some progress that's all that matters and right other people who are the other ones, you're already, married, yeah, it's over this way I believe I know it is that's for sure where are they there? You are ingrid my future wife, um, you have beautiful eyes, don't.

You don't care about that originally going to hunt in that's, minus ah, really.



The other lady, she's, probably not out of her bed yet, lazy, bones or has she already made her way up to where she works.

No, no better.


You go 62, but it says, zero percent chance shall I give it a go? Uh, minus ten.

So okay, that's such a thing.

Well, you know what I'm gonna load up? Because I didn't know that it doesn't make any difference.

You know, what nid does it does because I want to see if I can marry her now I'm being coming impatient, because even though I've got even once I marry someone, uh, yep, we're gonna load that one, even when I marry someone, I've still gotta wait nine months to get the air to get the next part of the storyline or any mission of any kind.

So we've got quite a bit of a weight on us, uh, but it's.


It is totally fine.

Come on game.

Don't don't, take long now and okay, the mission didn't fail for a second time fair enough, you're out here.

Again, I know I've lost some stuff on here, but it's, fine, uh, minus five.

In fact, I lose a lot because that was strong on to minus, oh, um, yeah.

Well, let's to be fair.

It doesn't make much difference.

Because the words is the one that I probably have more chance of getting married to at the moment.

I admire your honesty.

That's 72.

Can I help put compliments figure? Damn it? How have you been lately? That's, plus two flowers that is plus two as well.

Shapely figure, ah, damn.

It that's it.

I mean, it's up to 76.

So we're, we're, doing pretty well.

Let's, go, shout out this lady because we might get lucky and get some plus tens from her.

And all of a sudden she becomes a good wife.

Number two, I wonder if that could ever be a thing being able to marry twice, and we should have to go out by lunch.

You know, I like you a lot we'll go for that one that's, plus two.

And what looks like a beautiful day, that's, plus five, because it is summer now and that's it.

Okay, you're really boring.

They're, all really boring.

They don't want to talk to me all that much.

And we now have plants to harvest and uh, oat is not ready.

Cabbage is we're gonna get lots of cabbage.

Oh, yeah, tons of cabbage.

In fact, so much cabbage we're gonna be getting encumbered soon, but it's fine, because with that we get a little bit.

Ah, food storage is the next one, which is fine, because we are running out of food storage space.

So that's, actually pretty handy there we go.

And when are we gonna get encumbered.

When are we getting gonna gain birds? Because cabbages are not lights, not when you're carrying 158 of them, although we're doing well at the moment, in fact, at this point, I'd probably just carry on until I've harvested all harvested all of it.

There we go.

We've finally encumbered and then we'll put it away.

And I think I'll put the seeds away, we're selling birds, 197, that's, insane amounts of cabbage.

And we still got more to come.


How many cabbage do we get let's just see anyone this wasn't a great deal that we planted.

I would say we're now, really slow we're at 258.

Are you kidding? Me we're, not gonna be able to put all of those in the um food storage.

And how close are we now we're.

We've got a little bit of that, but friend of mine, we've still got all of this to harvest and the carrots to harvest.

So I think we're gonna be doing.

Okay, oh runaway pig run away pig and have.

We got any rot in here, rotten onions to the rotten berries.

Do they not? Does it not become rot anymore? How do you get rocked or is it gone somewhere else already? And we didn't actually put all that.

Wow, we really are struggling for space, mainly because we've got so much fish holy crap.

We've got a tremendous amount of fish.


So what I might do is actually just cook some of the fish roast, some of the fish and then go sell a bunch of it, because why not we're not going to do that in this video, though in this video I'm going to say, that's it, we've done it's the end, but we got the woodshed too.

So we've actually made a progress and it's, not really manipulating the exploiting the building limits, but you could effectively build how many more buildings have we got if I built six more buildings, and then just kept building them, destroying them and building them actually, no building.

The excavation sheds are really handy because they're really easy to build same as the wood shed too.

So they're really easy to build.

They don't require much six planks.

Two logs, plus the initials eight.

I believe it is for the frame.

So eight logs, six planks that's, hardly anything really, you could just keep building that and get up your technology level to the mine.

Okay, it take a little bit of while a little bit over time.

But eventually you could exploit the cutting down trees, mining, rocks and stuff like that to the point where you can get to the mine really quickly, which we kind of did by putting down a second excavation shed and we'll, just leave them to it until we get the mine at which point do.

We need to build a mine.

Yes, we do because it gives us iron.

But at that point, I mean there isn't, I hopefully should be married there, isn't, much else to do and we're still making progress there's, still a few bits to go and it's a.

I wonder which one we're going to get to first.

I think we're going to get to the smithy 2 next.

I would say, but yeah, that's going to do it for this video.

I hope you enjoyed it if you did hit that like button.

And if you want to see more videos from books, remember to hit that subscribe button, I will speak english properly one day, but it might be a long day from today.

So yeah, have fun and enjoy the rest of your day.


How do you unlock more buildings in medieval dynasty? ›

The building limit in Medieval Dynasty can be increased by completing the Chapters quest line.

Where is the best place to build a village in medieval dynasty? ›

The best village location in Medieval Dynasty is right in the center of the map, along the southern side of the river (at the top of the 'hump' on the map). This location is close to the starting town and is close to resources. If you can't decide on a location, this spot works great.

What should I build first in medieval dynasty? ›

In Medieval Dynasty, like in life, personal shelter is the first priority, so players should start by building themselves a home. The next priority is storage, with resource storage taking precedence over food storage, as gathering supplies is meaningless if there's nowhere to put them.

What is the total limit of buildings exceeded in medieval dynasty? ›

This is the building limit: At some point in Medieval Dynasty, you will no longer be able to build any more buildings to expand your settlement. The building limit prevents you from doing so. At the start of your adventure, the build limit is 5, but you can increase it to a maximum of 65.

Can you build 2 villages in medieval dynasty? ›

You can build anywhere you want (except within the radius of the pre-generated villages). All of your buildings are part of the same village, no matter how far apart they are.

How do you get 100% dirty in medieval dynasty? ›

The fastest way to get dirty is to do farming work. There are multiple ways to clean yourself including bathing in a washtub or jumping into a river, so simply avoid water for long enough, and you will eventually get to 100% dirtiness.

What happens if you don't sleep in medieval dynasty? ›

There is currently no negative effects if the player does not sleep, therefore the main purpose of sleeping is to pass time and the player can choose to never sleep.

How to become rich in medieval dynasty? ›

One of the fastest ways to make money in the game is by crafting Stone Knives, which requires 5 Sticks, 2 Stones, and no recipe. If the player is going this route, however, there is a step that must be taken: enabling Quick Crafting in the options menu.

Where is the flattest land in medieval dynasty? ›

Building in the mountains will never be easy in Medieval Dynasty, but this spot makes it a bit easier. Just west of Gostovia, up in the hills, is an area with a relatively flat area just asking to be built on. This flat clearing in the hills also offers a scenic vista of the nearby river valley.

What is the most efficient way to make money in medieval dynasty? ›

Farming will be the easiest way to make money in the Medieval Dynasty mid game. You will probably have too many Flax and Wheat seeds, and you can sell 1 seed of each for around a minimum of 5 coins. Since you will have hundreds of extra seeds in your storage, you can just resell them to nearby villages.

Do trees regrow in medieval dynasty? ›

Trees will regrow from their stump after two years. But if you remove the stump, that tree is gone forever! As above says, adding use a shovel to remove a stump. When out running around the country find a great area with lots of trees and cut those down.

What are the best jobs in Medieval Dynasty? ›

The most important jobs are cook, hunter, and lumberjack.

These three jobs will provide almost all the basic resources that your villagers will need.

What's the goal of Medieval Dynasty? ›

Medieval Dynasty is a survival crafting game set in a quaint valley filled with a few small towns. Your goal while playing it so complete the main questline and create a village for you, your wife, and your child to live in. With an heir, you can comfortably live in the village you built from the ground up.

Is Medieval Dynasty difficult? ›

That means poor tools, little in the way of protection, and lots of diseases. It's a difficult game for a first-time player, and luckily, we've got you covered with some basics.

Can you build more than 65 buildings in medieval dynasty? ›

The maximum build limit is 65.

What happens if you bring 1000 logs in medieval dynasty? ›

If you actually somehow bring 1000 logs to Wolrad, he will say that you are insane, take all the logs from you, and you will get +1000 Dynasty Reputation.

What is the largest field size in medieval dynasty? ›

Each plant takes up a 1x1 square of space, and a single field's maximum size is 16x16.

Can you go 3rd person in medieval dynasty? ›

As a highly requested feature, players can now freely switch between first and third person modes, allowing them to view and explore the world in a whole new way. Check out the new perspective in Medieval Dynasty now in this brand-new Teasertrailer!

Will villagers leave medieval dynasty? ›

There are several elements that increases or decreases it. If the mood is in its lowest point, the villager will leave due to discomfort and the player will suffer a dynasty reputation penalty. The skill perk "Good Host" can help the player so that the villagers mood will decrease slower.

Can you have a second child in medieval dynasty? ›

How many kids can I have Medieval Dynasty? Your family can have only one child. However, your workers can have up to 2 children, based on the number of beds in their house, for a total family size of up to 4.

What is the trap limit in medieval dynasty? ›

In total, you will be able to use a trap three times before you need to make a new one.

Are there bandits in medieval dynasty? ›

Beyond their stolen loot, bandits in Medieval Dynasty carry around advanced weapons and armor/clothing. The trouble is that players can potentially beat the game without even once running into bandits.

Can you max all skills in medieval dynasty? ›

You can have a maximum of 15 skill points to spend and a maximum level of 10 skill tree.

Did married couples sleep in separate beds in medieval times? ›

In medieval times, the norm was a communal bed, not just shared with partners, but with family members, maybe even other people in the household. It wasn't until the Victorian Era that sleeping apart became a status thing because it meant that you could afford separate bedrooms, and sleeping apart was a kind of luxury.

Do kids grow up in Medieval Dynasty? ›

One of the many ways that Medieval Dynasty is different is that it is a generational tale. You'll marry, have a kid, and that kid will grow. Your villagers will also have children. As everyone gets older, those children will start working, taking over for their parents.

What happens if you don t pay your taxes in Medieval Dynasty? ›

Current tax with the debt is visible in the Management tab. Each subsequent season you don't pay your debt, your Dynasty Reputation will suffer until you exceed -10000, at which point you will be exiled from the valley and your journey will end.

Can you become king in Medieval Dynasty? ›

You cannot become a king or a noble in Medieval Dynasty. All you can do when it comes to the kingdom is slightly improve your relationship with the king. By doing occasional quests and paying taxes, you will get slight bonuses from the king. Some kings are bad, and some kings are good.

How long do you live in Medieval Dynasty? ›

Something to consider when choosing the number of days in a season is that your character will die about age 60, at which point your heir (should you have one) will take over. At three days a season, it will take about 200 hours of playing for your heir to take over.

How do you become a king in medieval times? ›

When a king died, his eldest son would become king. This is called hereditary succession. If the king didn't have an eldest son, then his brother or another male relative may be appointed king. Sometimes kings came into power through assassination or by conquering lands in war.

Can you build a bridge in medieval dynasty? ›

There is no bridge structure to build, but you can improvise and build one by placing logs and planks. How to build a BRIDGE in Medieval Dynasty 🔨? In this video guide, I share tips on construction !

What country is medieval dynasty based on? ›

This dreamy landscape and all these animals remind me a lot of my childhood in the former GDR and the beautiful Polish landscape. I think there are also Polish developers who made this game. It's unbelievable what talent Poland has to offer. At least in the games area they are number 1 in the world for me.

What is the fastest way to make rot in Medieval Dynasty? ›

berries and unripe berries are the way to go for rot. mostly because you can easly harvest a lot of them (by gathering yourself or gatherer in hunting hut in spring and summer) and they weight 0.005. eggs are good too (weight : 0.001, 10 chicken gives A LOT of eggs constantly).

How to make money fast? ›

How to make money fast
  1. Become a rideshare driver. ...
  2. 2. Make deliveries. ...
  3. Pet sit. ...
  4. Sell clothes and accessories online. ...
  5. Sell unused gift cards. ...
  6. Take surveys. ...
  7. Trade in old electronics. ...
  8. Host a yard sale.
May 8, 2023

What held the most power and wealth in medieval times? ›

Feudalism was the leading way of political and economic life in the Medieval era. Monarchs, like kings and queens, maintained control and power by the support of other powerful people called lords. Lords were always men who owned extravagant homes, called manors, and estates in the country.

Do villagers chop trees in medieval dynasty? ›

A villager assigned to gather logs from the woodshed will chop down trees that are nearby, but if there are no trees in the area, they will essentially create the logs out of nothing.

Do farm animals reproduce in medieval dynasty? ›

Animals can breed and multiply as of update v. 0.3. 0.2. They breed at a 15 % chance multiplied by the number of male animals in the animal building.

Is Medieval Dynasty never ending? ›

Is there a definite end or is it kind of endless? The game has a story that has an ending, but you can play it as long as you wish. Even death may not be the end, you can continue as your heir.

What is the best skill in Medieval Dynasty? ›

Hunting is certainly one of the most important skills in Medieval Dynasty. Purchasing food regularly becomes expensive and is practically unfeasible in the early game. Players need to become adept at hunting their own food supplies to avoid starvation.

Who held the most powerful position in medieval society? ›

The most powerful figure in medieval Europe was the Pope as direct representative of Catholic Church. Monarchs and leaders could obtain support, power, and protection from the alliance with the Church.

What is the most ancient job? ›

Prostitution = The World's Oldest Profession

The earliest known record of prostitution dates back to 2400 BC in ancient Babylonia.

Can you go to war in Medieval Dynasty? ›

War is in the player character's backstory and some events mention it, but you do not fight in a war. The valley the game takes place in is rather peacful. Wild animals can be dangerous and bandits will attack you (unless you turned them off in the game settings), but in general the focus is not on fighting.

Where is the best place to build a house in Medieval Dynasty? ›

The best village location in Medieval Dynasty is right in the center of the map, along the southern side of the river (at the top of the 'hump' on the map). This location is close to the starting town and is close to resources. If you can't decide on a location, this spot works great.

What is the skill point cap in Medieval Dynasty? ›

Player gets an extra skill point on every even-numbered skill level and the player can spend up to 15 skill points per skill tree. At least one skill point must be spent in the tier below a desired talent in order to learn it.

What is the best build order in Medieval Dynasty? ›

In Medieval Dynasty, like in life, personal shelter is the first priority, so players should start by building themselves a home. The next priority is storage, with resource storage taking precedence over food storage, as gathering supplies is meaningless if there's nowhere to put them.

Does distance matter in Medieval Dynasty? ›

No, with the exception of farming. Farming such as tending fields is affected by the distance NPC's have to walk to do it.

Why am I walking so slow in Medieval Dynasty? ›

Why is my character moving slowly even without walk mode being toggled? This can occur when an enemy uses a slowdown effect on your character, and the effect fails to wear off at the end of its countdown timer. This can also occur if caps lock is active in which case pressing the caps loc button will remove the effect.

How do you unlock the barn in medieval dynasty? ›

Description. Barn I is unlocked at 10 Farming Tech points. It is a worker building for threshing and flour milling. It has also a workstation for crafting grain, seed, manure and feed bags, a threshing floor, mill and a small storage.

How many houses can you have in medieval dynasty? ›

And, you can have 130 houses, if you buy buckets and hunt yourself.

How do you unlock schemes in medieval dynasty? ›

Description. Schemes are purchased with coins through the Technology tab once a certain number of tech points are acquired. Tech points are gained through crafting items associated to each specific tree: Building (technology), Survival (technology), Farming (technology), and Production (technology).

How do I unlock more barn finds? ›

To summarise, and clarify other points about Barn Finds:
  1. Barn Finds aren't available at the start of the game - keep playing until the rumours start and their vague locations appear on your map. ...
  2. Three Barn Finds are tied to completing side-objectives in the Apex, Wilds and Baja Expeditions.
Nov 9, 2021

What is the max amount of villagers you can have in Medieval Dynasty? ›

Dynasty reputationMaximum Population
200/Populationup to 17
250/Populationup to 23
500/Populationup to 35
1,000/Populationup to 46
4 more rows

Will villagers leave Medieval Dynasty? ›

There are several elements that increases or decreases it. If the mood is in its lowest point, the villager will leave due to discomfort and the player will suffer a dynasty reputation penalty. The skill perk "Good Host" can help the player so that the villagers mood will decrease slower.

What is the maximum farm size in medieval dynasty? ›

Each plant takes up a 1x1 square of space, and a single field's maximum size is 16x16.

What makes the most money in medieval dynasty? ›

One of the fastest ways to make money in the game is by crafting Stone Knives, which requires 5 Sticks, 2 Stones, and no recipe. If the player is going this route, however, there is a step that must be taken: enabling Quick Crafting in the options menu.

Can you become king in medieval dynasty? ›

You cannot become a king or a noble in Medieval Dynasty. All you can do when it comes to the kingdom is slightly improve your relationship with the king. By doing occasional quests and paying taxes, you will get slight bonuses from the king. Some kings are bad, and some kings are good.

Can your villagers marry in medieval dynasty? ›

A wife is a NPC that the player can gain through marriage. NPC villagers can also get married together and become a husband and a wife.

Can you build a tavern in medieval dynasty? ›

Tavern is unlocked at 10,000 Production Tech points. It is a worker building for drinks and distillation. When the player has built the tavern it enables the Herald and the Exotic Goods vendor to visit the player's village sometimes.

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