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Are you ready to experience the raw power and unbridled speed of the Can-Am Outlander? Brace yourself for an adrenaline-charged journey as we dive into the heart-pounding world of top speeds across all models of the Can-Am Outlander series. These mighty machines have earned their reputation as the ultimate off-road beasts, combining rugged design with awe-inspiring performance capabilities.

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From the nimble Outlander 450 to the dominating Outlander 1000R, these off-road machines are designed to conquer any terrain while delivering thrilling top speeds.

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Can-Am Outlander 1000

At the top of the Outlander series stands the mighty Can-Am Outlander 1000. This powerhouse is equipped with a robust engine that delivers immense power and torque. However, it is important to note that the top speed of the Outlander 1000 is limited to a maximum of 62 mph (100 km/h). While the speed is restricted, the Outlander 1000 compensates with exceptional acceleration, off-road prowess, and the ability to conquer any terrain with ease.

Can-Am Outlander 850

The Can-Am Outlander 850 is another formidable contender in the lineup, offering impressive performance and speed. Just like its sibling, the Outlander 1000, the top speed of the Outlander 850 is limited to 62 mph (100 km/h). However, the Outlander 850 makes up for the restricted top speed with its exceptional power delivery, responsive handling, and versatile capabilities on diverse trails.

Can-Am Outlander 800

The Can-Am Outlander 800 is a reliable workhorse that excels in various off-road conditions. While its top speed is also limited to 62 mph (100 km/h), the Outlander 800 shines in its ability to tackle challenging terrains with ease. With its powerful engine and advanced suspension system, this model ensures a comfortable and confident ride, making it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

Can-Am Outlander 650

The Can-Am Outlander 650 strikes a perfect balance between speed and versatility. With a top speed limited to 62 mph (100 km/h), this model offers a thrilling experience for riders who crave both power and agility. Whether you’re navigating through tight trails or cruising on open terrain, the Outlander 650 delivers a dynamic performance that combines speed, control, and maneuverability.

Can-Am Outlander 570

The Can-Am Outlander 570 is designed to provide riders with a nimble and responsive off-road experience. Although its top speed is limited to 60 mph (97 km/h), the Outlander 570 compensates with its agile handling, impressive torque, and superior traction. Whether you’re exploring rough trails or enjoying a leisurely ride, this model ensures a thrilling adventure that is both enjoyable and confidence-inspiring.

Can-Am Outlander 450

The Can-Am Outlander 450 is an entry-level model that offers versatility and efficiency. While its top speed is limited to 37 mph (60 km/h), the Outlander 450 is not to be underestimated. With its lightweight design, responsive handling, and reliable performance, this model proves to be a capable companion for riders who prioritize maneuverability and fuel efficiency.

ModelTop Speed (mph)Top Speed (km/h)
Can-Am Outlander 100062100
Can-Am Outlander 85062100
Can-Am Outlander 80062100
Can-Am Outlander 65062100
Can-Am Outlander 5706097
Can-Am Outlander 4503760

How To Increase Can-Am Outlander’s, Top Speed

The Can-Am Outlander series offers impressive power and performance, but for those seeking an even higher top speed, there are ways to push the limits.

Regular Maintenance and Tuning

Proper maintenance is key to maintaining optimal performance and achieving the maximum top speed of your Can-Am Outlander. Regularly service your ATV, ensuring that the engine is clean, filters are replaced, and the spark plugs are in good condition. Additionally, tune your engine to the manufacturer’s specifications, including adjusting the carburetor and ignition timing, to ensure peak performance and efficiency.

Upgrading Exhaust System

An upgraded exhaust system can significantly improve both power and top speed. Replacing the stock exhaust with a high-performance aftermarket option allows for better airflow and reduced backpressure, resulting in improved engine efficiency and increased top speed. Be sure to choose an exhaust system specifically designed for your Can-Am Outlander model for optimal results.

Performance Air Intake

Enhancing the air intake system can boost horsepower and top speed. Installing a performance air filter or upgrading to a cold air intake kit improves airflow to the engine, allowing it to breathe more efficiently. This modification increases the amount of oxygen available for combustion, resulting in improved acceleration and higher top speed.

Lightweight Modifications

Reducing the weight of your Can-Am Outlander can enhance its acceleration and top speed. Consider replacing heavy stock components with lightweight alternatives, such as carbon fiber or aluminum parts. This can include swapping out the stock wheels for lighter ones, using lightweight body panels, or even removing unnecessary accessories. Remember to maintain a balance between weight reduction and maintaining the ATV’s structural integrity.

Performance Tuning and ECU Remapping

Engaging a professional tuner to modify the engine’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) can optimize fuel and ignition mapping for increased performance. ECU remapping adjusts parameters such as fuel delivery and timing to maximize power output and top speed. It is crucial to consult with an experienced tuner who specializes in Can-Am Outlander models to ensure a safe and effective tuning process.

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Factors Affecting Can-Am Outlander Top Speed:


The type of terrain you ride on can significantly impact the top speed of your Can-Am Outlander. Riding on rough or uneven terrain increases resistance and requires more power to maintain speed, potentially reducing the ATV’s top speed. Additionally, riding uphill will naturally decrease top speed due to the increased incline and the additional strain on the engine.

Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure is crucial for optimal performance and top speed. Underinflated tires create more rolling resistance, resulting in reduced acceleration and top speed. On the other hand, overinflated tires can negatively affect traction, leading to decreased control and potentially compromising safety. Always ensure that your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure for the best performance.

Rider Weight

The weight of the rider and any additional cargo carried on the ATV can impact its overall performance and top speed. Heavier loads put more strain on the engine and may result in decreased acceleration and reduced top speed. It is advisable to travel as light as possible to maximize the ATV’s performance.

Altitude and Temperature

The altitude at which you ride and the ambient temperature can affect the engine’s performance and, subsequently, the top speed of your Can-Am Outlander. At higher altitudes, air density decreases, resulting in reduced oxygen availability for combustion. This can lead to decreased power output and a lower top speed. Similarly, extreme temperatures, especially excessively high temperatures, can cause the engine to run hotter, potentially impacting its performance.

Mechanical Condition

The overall mechanical condition of your Can-Am Outlander plays a vital role in its top speed. Regular maintenance, including oil changes, air filter replacements, and spark plug checks, ensures that the engine operates at its best. Neglecting maintenance can result in decreased power output and performance issues that may affect top speed.

Wind Resistance

Wind resistance becomes a significant factor when riding at higher speeds. The aerodynamic design of the Can-Am Outlander helps minimize wind resistance, but factors such as the rider’s body position and any additional accessories, such as windshield or storage compartments, can create drag and reduce top speed.

By considering these factors and optimizing them to your advantage, you can maximize the top speed and overall performance of your Can-Am Outlander. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between pushing the limits and ensuring the safety and reliability of your ATV. Always ride responsibly, adhere to local regulations, and prioritize your safety and the safety of others.
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FAQs Section

Can I increase the top speed of my Can-Am Outlander without modifications?

While there are some techniques you can try, such as maintaining proper tire pressure and reducing weight, significant increases in top speed usually require modifications to the ATV’s engine and other components.

Are there any risks associated with increasing the top speed of my Can-Am Outlander?

Modifications to increase top speed may affect the ATV’s overall performance and could potentially void the warranty. It’s crucial to consult with professionals and ensure that modifications are done safely and responsibly.

Will increasing the top speed of my Can-Am Outlander affect its handling or stability?

Modifications that increase top speed should be accompanied by enhancements to the suspension and braking systems to ensure stability and control at higher speeds. It’s essential to maintain a balance between speed and safety.

Final Verdicts

The Can-Am Outlander series offers a thrilling off-road experience, and for those seeking higher top speeds, various techniques and modifications can help you push the limits. By implementing proper maintenance, upgrading components, reducing weight, and considering factors such as terrain and tire pressure, you can optimize the top speed and overall performance of your Can-Am Outlander.

However, it’s essential to approach modifications with caution, prioritize safety, and consult with experts to ensure a well-balanced and reliable ATV. Remember, the pursuit of top speed should always be done responsibly and within your comfort level. So, strap in, ignite the engine, and embark on a heart-pounding adventure with your Can-Am Outlander, where speed and excitement know no bounds. Let the thrill of the ride take you to new heights of off-road exhilaration!

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